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The success of a snow removal company hinges on how quickly urgent needs can be met by their team and product suppliers. Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC has become Maryland’s most trusted source for snow removal products. Through our accessibility, scalability, and ability to serve as a one stop shop for our customers, we have separated ourselves from other snow removal product suppliers as the best Ice Melt Distributor. Here’s how: 

10 Reasons We Are The Best Ice Melt Distributor & Snow Removal Tools Supplier

1) We are accessible 24/7. Accessibility is critical in the snow and ice removal industry. When a winter snow storm strikes, we want to be the first number on your speed dial. Unlike our competitors, who often have limited work hours, our offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always ready to meet the demands of our customers.

2) Three physical locations. The expanding ecommerce industry has made it more difficult than ever to distinguish resellers from true suppliers who actually have a physical address with inventory on hand. Nothing is more frustrating than discovering that you are only dealing with a product reseller who does not actually have any inventory available. Unlike some of our competitors, we have three physical locations, each of which is stocked with the products that our customers need. Our facilities are located in the following areas of Maryland:

  • Bethesda (5200 River Road, Building 6)
  • Silver Spring
  • Cambridge

3) We serve customers across the U.S. While the majority of our customers are located in Maryland, we receive regular visits from our customers in Washington DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania who need high quality ice melt and snow removal equipment. Additionally, we have the capacity to deliver snow removal chemicals and tools to customers across the U.S.

4) Our scalability enables us to fill orders of all sizes. Unlike some of our competitors, we have the scalability to fill orders of all sizes. Our team of snow removal experts knows the importance of monitoring weather trends and maintaining a plentiful supply of snow removal products. We work hard to forecast product needs so we will be sure to have everything you need on hand and available for pickup when you complete your purchase.

5) We offer ice melt chemicals and snow removal tools. Our ability to serve as a one stop shop for our customers sets us apart from other local companies. By not having to purchase ice melt and snow removal tools from two separate vendors, you save money, gasoline, and time. Below is a snapshot of our two product categories and our most popular items in each category:

6) Protecting the environment is a top priority for us. In addition to helping our customers keep property clean and safe by removing snow, we offer a variety of safe, biodegradable ice melt products that are safe for the environment. Sodium Acetate (NAAC), for instance, is a good option for environmentally-conscious customers. NAAC is a fast acting, eco-friendly ice melt that is biodegradable at low temperatures.

7) We offer three ways for you to contact us. We recognize that our customers often have a preferred means of communicating with us and completing their purchases. We therefore offer three ways of reaching us:

  • Contact us by phone 24/7 at 301-986-5859
  • Submit an online request through our website
  • Make a personal visit to one of our three physical locations. We encourage you to visit us in person to see our extensive inventory of products. We are happy to introduce you to exciting new product offerings that we have added to our inventory.

8) Customers always receive professional guidance and support from us. We are more than just a product supplier. Our customer base is expansive and varied, and each customer has a unique set of needs. We provide recommendations to customers as necessary to ensure their satisfaction with our products. For instance, customers that service areas with multiple pets and small children may wish to consider magnesium chloride pellets over Rock Salt. Magnesium chloride pellets are less corrosive and safer for areas frequented by pets and people.

9) Our goal is to be fully stocked at all times. As an expert in the snow removal product industry, it is our job to remain knowledgeable about weather trends and stock our products in accordance with forecasted needs. When you walk through the door of one of our locations, we strive to have your order ready in a matter of minutes.

10) We have the experience to safely pack and ship large orders of ice melt. Our team is accustomed to filling large ice melt orders for customers well outside the Maryland and Washington DC area. We know how to professionally package ice melt for safe transport by truck to customers in virtually every region of the U.S.

As your trusted solution for ice melt chemicals and snow removal products, we strive to be the most accessible provider in the United States. Please contact us to learn how we can fulfill all of your snow and ice removal needs. We are available to assist you 24/7 – even right in the midst of a snowstorm. We look forward to the opportunity to illustrate our quality or product and service to you!

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