The Best Winter Work Gloves for Preventing Frostbite

snow shovel - use with winter work gloves

If you own or work at a snow removal company you know the risks that every one of your workers take during each winter storm. But aside from safety training, are they equipped with the best snow removal tools on the market? Winter work gloves are something not to overlook. Professional grade winter work gloves can make a big difference in making the job safer and more efficient. According to the popular website WebMD, over 11,000 people show up at the nation’s hospitals each year for treatments of injuries sustained while clearing snow. 

Their research found that the most common cause of injury is overworking the muscles, slipping on ice, and believe it or not, being hit with a shovel. As for the exact nature of the injuries, soft tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon) injuries  topped the list, especially in the lower back area. Heart attacks are the dangers most people think about when they think of shoveling snow. However, heart related problems accounted for only 7% of injuries.

Cuts and broken bones, especially on the hands and arms are reported to have accounted for a lot of the emergency room visits. But curiously enough, there is no mention of one that is most obvious – frostbite.


The Center for Disease Control, (CDC), however does mention frostbite in a feature article on its website. Frostbite occurs when an exposed part of the body freezes. This most often happens with fingers, toes, ears, and noses. The freezing is so severe that it can cause permanent tissue damage and in the most severe cases, necessitate amputation. The colder it is, the sooner frostbite can attack. The CDC’s advice is plain and simple, avoid frostbite by wearing warm clothing that is right for the weather and provides protection.

The Best Winter Work Gloves

Winter Work Gloves - PVC Gloves from Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLCOur fleece-lined waterproof winter work gloves may be just what the CDC has in mind. Suitable for all who work in the snow, whether they man a shovel, drive a plow, or manuever a salt spreader, the fleece lining in these winter work gloves keep hands warm. Then the double dipped PVC coating keeps them dry and protected. Unlike many protective gloves, there’s no need to worry about a lack of dexterity because the texturized coating provides gripping power and remains flexible in temperatures as low as four degrees. And, especially important for your workers who are exposed to chemicals, salts, and oils, our winter work gloves are long enough to cover a significant portion of the forearms.

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