The Case for Calcium Chloride Ice Melt for Dust Control

tractor in dusty field needs dust control

As one of the leading ice melt suppliers in the Mid-Atlantic region, we’re often asked about Calcium Chloride. However, this product isn’t just for winter use to melt ice. It has powerful benefits year round for dust suppression on unpaved roads, in construction areas, and in dirt fields.

In the United States, there are about two million miles of unpaved roads, with another 300,000+ miles in Canada. An efficient dust management program is critical for maintaining these unpaved roadways to keep them drivable & safe. When executed correctly, using professional dust control services will provide a number of additional advantages. From this article, we will go through the benefits of road dust control in detail. Then you will be convinced about the importance of using appropriate solutions for dust control. 

What are the benefits of professional road dust control? 

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent benefits that would come along with road dust control. Based on that, you can decide whether you should be going for it or not. 

  • It enhances the quality of roads 

When there is dust, there is decay. Fine dust particles are incapable of acting as binders to keep road surfaces together. As a consequence, the aggregate is uncovered and unstable, eroding with each passing automobile or rainstorm, causing ruts and potholes. Dust suppressants draw moisture in the air, which binds tiny particles with aggregate, ensuring that roads stay hard, smooth, durable, and, most crucially, safe.

  • It will reduce the maintenance costs 

Better roads need fewer repairs, which saves money on materials and labor. That’s significant given taxpayer demand for good roads at a time when maintenance and upgrade funding are often scarce. Effective dust management may save the total cost of maintaining unpaved roads by much as 30%.

  • It will increase safety

As tires attempt to grasp the loose soil or gravel, road dust may reduce visibility, reduce traction, and lengthen stopping distances. Vehicles may lose all control and kick up particles, putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk. Controlling dust improves these circumstances and, as a result, the safety of both automobiles and pedestrians.

  • You can significantly reduce vehicle damage 

Nobody likes having their automobile get dusty and filthy, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Untreated unpaved roads may lead to considerably worse problems, such as chipped paint, windshield damage, and even steering, suspension, and long-term wear and tear problems. Controlling dust minimizes vehicle damage as well as the costs associated with it.

  • It would safeguard the environment 

Fine particles are avoided from getting airborne and creating health problems or damage to crops and plants when the dust is controlled. Dust suppressants also prevent these particles reaching entering streams and rivers, where they may build up to unsafe amounts of silt, endangering aquatic life.

  • It would ensure a better quality of life 

Because there are fewer dust particles in the air, you’ll breathe cleaner air and be less prone to develop respiratory as well as other health issues as a result of dust inhalation. As a result, improved quality of life is possible.

Using calcium chloride for dust control on roads 

Now you are aware of the importance of ensuring dust control on roads. Based on that, you will need to take a look at the best dust control solutions available. This is where magnesium chloride and calcium chloride would come into play. From this article, we will share the benefits that you can get out of using calcium chloride for dust control. 

Calcium chloride has been used on countless kilometers of unpaved roads throughout North America for even more than a century as an economical and efficient dust suppressor. CaCl2 can not only control dust in a broad variety of gravel & climate conditions but can also lower the total cost of maintaining dirt roads. Why is calcium chloride so effective in controlling dust and costs? Science and nature.

Calcium chloride is a found naturally hygroscopic substance that absorbs moisture in the air and forms a solution that maintains the road wet and dust-free even in dry, hot weather. With repeated, seasonal applications, this moisture bonds fine aggregate gravel pieces together, resulting in a compact, solid floor that enhances stability over time.

Dust is quickly inhibited after the first application, and each consecutive implementation builds on the prior treatment for a combined impact. As a consequence, there is more consistency, better road condition, and lower application rates. Furthermore, since CaCl2 reduces the point during which moisture freezes, it may prevent frost damage to roadways, lowering maintenance costs even further.

Calcium chloride is an excellent dust control product. For most conditions, we use a calcium chloride concentration of 38 percent. However, you will also be able to find calcium chloride solutions that offer a higher concentration. 

Should you apply calcium chloride on gravel roads? 

Calcium chloride is an excellent dust management agent because it is inherently hydroscopic, meaning it can absorb and hold moisture from its environment. This permits the solution to keep roadways moist and dust-free even in the midst of summer when the weather is hot and dry. As an added bonus, dust management using calcium chloride offers a few additional advantages. First, it will aid in the binding of aggregate particles together, resulting in a surface that is tougher and more stable. Finally, with a yearly treatment, you’ll see a significant reduction in frost damage. Calcium chloride would penetrate several inches into the road foundation, reducing the freeze-thaw phenomenon, which is a major contributor to road degradation.

You don’t have to be confined inside because you live on a gravel road, unable to open your windows or enjoy your outdoor spaces owing to dust. Throughout the summer, we work for private enterprises, governments, and private households to manage dust, and we would be delighted to collaborate with you. Whether you live in the area, check with your county road department to determine if a dust management program is already in place. If not, it’s a good idea to start one.

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