Commercial Ice Melt for Commercial Ice Removal

Ice Melt Salt Supplier - Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC

Commercial Ice Melt is essential for any serious contractor.  You know that rock salt is great, but it just does not do the trick in all situations.  Like when you get an ice storm followed by really cold temperatures, you need something that can cut through the ice today, not when the weather warms back up.  This is where a large arsenal of commercial ice melts come in really handy.

Some of the best ice-melts are considered “hot melt.”  The difference with hot melt is that it is exothermic, rather than needing heat to melt ice, it creates its own energy.  This means that the hot melt works at much lower temperatures and can be really effective against ice.

Rock salt is not going away any time soon.  The inexpensive cost to get rock salt in bulk makes rock salt the primary weapon of choice for melting ice and helping tackle the snow.  When the temperatures get really cold, most ice melts use a blend that is about 80% rock salt and 20% something else like magnesium chloride.  The blend helps keep the cost down while the magnesium chloride starts the melting process and the rock salt finishes off the job.

If you are a contractor, you likely already knew all that.  The problem becomes, where do you get commercial quantities of ice melt?  Should you pay way too much at a big box store?  Should you get it from a chemical supply company that primarily sells cleaning agents and knows little about which ice melt to use when?

How would you like to buy your commercial ice melt from guys who started a company dedicated to commercial ice melt, guys that have experience pushing snow themselves?

At Snow and Ice Salt and Chemicals, Unlimited, you get the price you need and support from people who have experience doing your job. We always keep plenty of inventory in stock and during winter weather events, we keep the doors open and the lights on so you can keep serving your customers.  We have several locations in Maryland and we ship to your location as well.

So if you need commercial ice melt or any other snow and ice removal products, give us a call or stop by today.  We would be happy to serve your needs.