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Dowflake Xtra Calcium Chloride Flakes from Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC

Are you looking forward to purchasing calcium chloride flakes as an ice and snow removal solution? Then you need to take a look at Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes . If you managing a snow plowing business, it is worth considering using this product on the properties of your customers. Let’s learn more about Dowflake Calcium Chloride and figure out how it can be a good ice-melting solution.

What is Dowflake Calcium Chloride?

Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes are an effective ice melt solution that comes in the form of flakes. These flakes can deliver positive results under extreme temperatures, which are up to -25 degrees F. A great thing about Dowflake Calcium Chloride is that it can easily be applied over a bigger surface area.

The Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes come along with a flat profile as well. Due to the same reason, you will be able to apply them on a flat surface that is exposed to wind or sloped. These flakes will not roll off and you can expect them to deliver the expected results at all times. On the other hand, you will also be able to get Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes to pass through ice-melting spreaders as well as equipment quite freely. This will eventually assist you to achieve consistent coverage upon application.

How to use Dowflake Calcium Chloride

You may think about using Dowflake Calcium Chloride as a HotMix solution.  This is where you can mix the flakes along with sand or rock sand. Then you can get a better performance out of it, along with numerous added benefits.

Once you mix these flakes with rock salt, you will be able to get them to deliver faster results. On the other hand, they can also work effectively at lower temperatures. If you can use these flakes in a dry mix, you will be able to reduce the overall usage of salt effectively. In other words, you just need to mix Dowflake Calcium Chloride with rock salt in 1:4 ratio, and you will be able to reduce the usage of salt by around 60%.

If you can add Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes to sand, you will be able to keep the mixture free-flowing during the colder temperatures. Moreover, it can also enhance the overall performance that sand will offer.

What is meant by “Xtra” Ice Melting

Before you buy Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes, it is better to learn more about what is meant by “Xtra” ice melting. Then you can learn more about this product and spend your money on buying it.

The term “Xtra” refers to the fact that Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes are capable of melting ice at a faster pace. For example, it can be 35% more effective than rock salt, 400% more effective than potassium chloride, and 130% more effective than Urea at a temperature of 20 degrees F. You will therefore be able to use a lesser amount of flakes and get better results. The concentrated formulation of Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes can help you with it.

Another great thing about these ice-melting flakes is that they can melt ice faster in a variety of temperatures. You will be able to apply these flakes on a variety of surfaces as well. For example, you can use them on pedestrian entryways, roads, and a few other similar applications.

The performance benefits offered by these Xtra Ice Melting flakes are noteworthy. If you are only using rock salt, you may mix these flakes in order to get faster results, especially at lower temperatures. Moreover, you can get these flakes to keep sand from flowing freely during the colder temperatures.

What are the ingredients of Dowflake Calcium Chloride?

The ingredients behind Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes are known for their ability to deliver amazing results. The most prominent ingredients that you can find in this product include Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, and Urea. Since the perfect combination of these ingredients is present, you can expect to receive amazing results. Out of all ingredients, pure Calcium Chloride is the dominant ingredient. In fact, around 83% to 87% pure calcium chloride is present within this ice-melting solution.

Should you start using Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes?

Now you have a basic idea about the Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes. While keeping that in mind, you need to decide whether you are going to use this as an ice-melting solution or not. Here are some great reasons why you should be spending your money on this product.

  • You can get a better melting performance

These ice-melting flakes can provide a better melting performance. As a result, you will only have to use a smaller amount of the solution for ice melting. After application, they can attract moisture effectively from the surrounding. After that, a heat-generating reaction will be created to deliver the performance you expect.

  • Faster brine creation

These flakes can offer faster moisture-melting capabilities. That’s because it can create brine fast. The brine solution will dissolve pretty fast when it comes to contact with ice or snow. Brine will lower the overall freezing point of water while melting ice and snow on contact.

  • Better performance across multiple temperature ranges

Regardless of what the temperature is, you may think about using Dowflake Calcium Chloride Flakes. That’s because the pellets offer excellent exothermic properties, which help them to deliver desired results under moderate temperatures and even colder temperatures. Unlike traditional ice-melting products, these flakes will not just draw heat from the outside. Therefore, you may think about using the flakes even if the temperature is low as -25 degrees F.

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Now you know what the Dowflake Calcium Chloride Xtra Flakes are all about. You will never regret the decision that you take to start using these flakes for ice melting and snow removal. It can surely contribute towards the future success of your business as well. Need a quote? Contact our team today for a quote on picking up or shipping Dowflake to your business.


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