Funny Snow Plow Videos & Epic Snow Removal Fails

Truck in Ditch

We love supplying snow removal companies on the East Coast with ice and snow removal products. Day after day we think about the best ice melt products for our customers and make sure we have supplies available 24/7 for local pick up. But every now and then it’s fun to think about our customers on the streets, imagining what they go through after being tasked with removing massive amounts of snow and ice.

So much can go wrong… and so many strange situations can pop up. So here we’ve compiled a few of our favorite funny snow plow videos for you to enjoy. 

Epic Fail: Snow Plow Crunches Car

Let’s start with a shocking display of complete ignorance that is sure to make EVERY snow plow company feel better than ever about their staff and services…

Snow Removal Service for Cars

If you work or own a snow removal company, imagine adding this service to your list! Or maybe you have already? If so, comment below!

Slip Sliding Away!

Here is a road that was missed by local snow removal companies or maybe there was a rock salt shortage. Hey North Carolina, we have ice melt. I repeat: We have ice melt!

Classic Drive By Snow Blasting

I’ve always wondered… is there a part of you – just a tiny little dark spot, buried deep inside – that loves to blast reports with snow?

Hey, it’s all in good fun, but don’t end up on YouTube for all the wrong reasons! If you are at a snow removal company in Washington DC, Baltimore, or anywhere in Maryland, Virginia or Pennsylvania, give us a call at 301-986-5859 or stop by for all your ice melt chemicals and snow removal products.