How to Prepare Your Road Surface for Dust Abatement Chemicals

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Is excess dust in the air ruining your summer outdoors? Don’t let your outdoor gatherings be ruined by dust flying in your food or face this summer, and instead treat your dusty roads and lots with premiere dust abatement chemicals from SISCU. With such a large variety of products, SISCU offers the perfect dust abatement chemicals for any dust producing area. Read more to learn about the best dust control application techniques to ensure that your outdoor space is treated and prepared for the rest of summer!

Types of Dust Abatement Chemicals

There are a wide variety of dust abatement chemicals available for use, with the most popular being Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride. Both of these chloride products utilize their hygroscopic properties to absorb moisture from the air and keep loose dust particles trapped beneath the damp surface they create. Magnesium and Calcium Chloride products are the most popular due to their efficiency with application and cost. One application of either product can prevent dust for longer periods of time, thus saving you money compared to other options such as watering the affected area. While watering a dirt or dusty road may seem like a simpler solution, the road surface will require more frequent watering, which leads to a higher need for equipment and manpower. Magnesium and Calcium Chloride also have higher chloride concentrations, making them target dust faster and more effectively.

After deciding on your preferred chloride type, you will want to be sure that your road surface is properly prepared for the dust abatement chemicals. The following three strategies will help you maximize your dust control products’ efficiency for less dust and stronger roadways.

Eliminate all Standing Water

Allowing water to puddle on a dirt or unpaved road leads the structure of the surface to be compromised and this could lead to further damages and costs. This is because when standing water collects, the soil from the road floats in the water and creates fine particles, which later dry and float away. This leads to more loose dust particles in the air, as all the aggregate soil underneath is no longer protected or anchored to the ground. Make sure that there are no puddles on your road surface before treating it with dust abatement chemicals to ensure the effectiveness of the products.

Shape Dirt Road into a Crown

One way to ensure you won’t have to worry about standing water again is to properly shape your dirt road surface to prevent water build up. This can be done by forming the dirt into a crown shape that allows water to drain away from the road and towards the shoulder instead. Creating a system for water to drain will allow your dust abatement chemicals to be more effective, and ensure you won’t have to go through the hassle of draining standing water again.

Eliminate Loose Outer Gravel

Another way you can prepare your road surface for dust abatement chemicals is to eliminate excess loose gravel particles at the surface to expose harder material underneath. This can be achieved by using machinery to chip away at potholes and other divots in the road. While this may require more effort in the beginning, it will allow your dust control products to be applied to a more compact road surface layer, increasing their effectiveness and minimizing the amount of times you will need to re-apply the products.

Choose SISCU for Premium Dust Abatement Chemicals and Rasevic Companies to Apply Them!

Don’t let excess dust run your outdoor fun this summer, and utilize the premium dust control products SISCU has to offer. Fill out the form below to get a quote on all the chloride chemicals you will need to minimize dust production in your area. While premium products are a great place to start, you also want to make sure you utilize the road preparation techniques listed above to maximize your effectiveness. Hiring a dust control professional such as Rasevic Companies takes all the stress of properly applying your products and ensures your dust is eliminated easily and efficiently. Check out Rasevic Companies here to take the stress off of your dust control solutions.

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