How Winter Ice Forms: A Quick Lesson on What Causes Ice

Ice on Car

As winter approaches, we are starting to think about snow and ice. How about you? Have you ever wondered how winter ice forms or what causes winter ice? A quick look reveals that there are multiple weather conditions that can cause the slippery headache that can immobilize businesses. So let’s take a closer look… Read More

Is Your Snow Removal Company Ready for Winter 2016?

Snow Covered Truck

We know that for a snow removal company, preparing for winter snow & ice is your number one priority right now. Snow has already fallen on the east coast, and it could happen anywhere. Anytime. So here are some tips to make sure your snow removal company is ready for snow and ice in winter 2016. Read More

Ice Removal Prep: Best Ice Melt Products for Extreme Weather

Ice Melt Salt on Sidewalk from Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC

The winter is approaching, and it is extremely important that your ice removal company is prepared for the busy season. There are several ice melt products available, but you are going to want to use the very best – and make sure you can get them when needed. Fortunately, our business knows a great deal about ice removal and we supply the best ice melt products for extreme weather to snow removal companies in Washington, Maryland, Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania. So let’s look at some options… Read More