Commercial Ice Melt for Commercial Ice Removal

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Commercial Ice Melt is essential for any serious contractor.  You know that rock salt is great, but it just does not do the trick in all situations.  Like when you get an ice storm followed by really cold temperatures, you need something that can cut through the ice today, not when the weather warms back up.  This is where a large arsenal of commercial ice melts come in really handy. Read More

Snow, Ice, Salt: The Three Sisters of Winter

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It is hard to think of winter in the Northeast without thinking of our friends: snow, ice, salt. Snow falls on a regular basis. Ice comes from ice storms or from melting snow. Salt follows the other two to keep us safe. The frustration for some people is, with other alternatives, why is spreading rock salt still the primary method for attacking snow and ice. We are glad you asked. Read More

Calcium Magnesium Acetate Supplier: Get Eco-Friendly Ice Melt

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It’s no secret that most ice melt products can be hard on the environment, especially if they are not properly applied. Run off from harsh products or over-spreading can be damaging to plants, animals and even people. But if you are a commercial snow contractor looking for an eco-friendly ice melt, look no further – we are happy to be your Calcium Magnesium Acetate Supplier. Why use Calcium Magnesium Acetate? Let’s take a look.  Read More

Find the Best Ice Melt Distributor & Snow Removal Tools Supplier

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The success of a snow removal company hinges on how quickly urgent needs can be met by their team and product suppliers. Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC has become Maryland’s most trusted source for snow removal products. Through our accessibility, scalability, and ability to serve as a one stop shop for our customers, we have separated ourselves from other snow removal product suppliers as the best Ice Melt Distributor. Here’s how: Read More

How Three Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Products Compare

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There are several categories of ice melt products to choose from today. Calcium chloride ice melt products are intended for snow and ice removal in extreme conditions. These work best in climates like ours here in Bethesda, MD and the Washington DC area. Most of the time, calcium chloride ice melt products come in three basic varieties: pellets, flakes, and blends. Read More

The Best Winter Work Gloves for Preventing Frostbite

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If you own or work at a snow removal company you know the risks that every one of your workers take during each winter storm. But aside from safety training, are they equipped with the best snow removal tools on the market? Winter work gloves are something not to overlook. Professional grade winter work gloves can make a big difference in making the job safer and more efficient. According to the popular website WebMD, over 11,000 people show up at the nation’s hospitals each year for treatments of injuries sustained while clearing snow. Read More