Ice Melt Storage: How to Store Ice Melt Products in Summer

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Ice Melt products such as Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride are essential in the winter, but how should you store ice melt in the summer? These hygroscopic ice melt products absorb moisture from the air and penetrate ice. That quality makes them very effective in the winter, but careful off-season storage of the remaining product is vital if you want to use it again next winter. Read more to learn how to store your ice melt products in summer and spring months to keep them effective for winter season after season.

How to Store Ice Melt in Summer: Storage Conditions

It is important to consider the conditions of your ice melt storage, as failing to properly store your ice melt products could lead to a decrease in effectiveness and cause potential harm as a result. There are numerous factors to consider when determining how to store ice melt products in summer. Before deciding on your storage solution, determine if you can meet the conditions below.

Eliminate Moisture for Ice Melt Storage

It is recommended that ice melt products are stored inside a climate-controlled facility. If this is not possible, these products can also be stored outdoors on a dry surface under a heavy, solid tarp. It is beneficial if this outdoor dry surface is a paved road, as ground or gravel allow the possibility for moisture to seep up. The ice melt products cannot be exposed to any rain or snow during storage, as this could damage their effectiveness.

Keep Stored Ice Melt Away From Humidity & Sun

Ice melt products cannot be stored in humid environments, because humidity can decrease effectiveness and cause a mild reaction. Storage of these ice melt products cannot be in direct sunlight either, as heat from the sun can also instigate a reaction in the product, leaving it to be less effective when it reacts with ice during the winter.

Best Ice Melt Storage Conditions: Climate Controlled Environment

The best place to store ice melt products is in a climate controlled environment such as a warehouse, storage shed, or basement. In this way, you can ensure that the packaging of the product is not compromised by outside conditions such as sunlight, humidity, or other factors that could cause a reaction. You want your product to still be able to produce a reaction in the winter and penetrate through ice, and for this reason it is essential to maintain proper ice melt storage conditions. If you are storing a bag of salt that has already been opened, you can move the contents to an airtight container to ensure the most effective storage conditions. Proper storage not only improves the effectiveness of your products, it also saves you money as you don’t have to replace your ice melt each year. When ice melt products are stored effectively, they can last for up to two years on the shelf.

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