Keep Your Roads Safe During the Next Winter Storm with Deicers

Ice Melt Salt on Sidewalk from Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC

The best way to make sure your winter storm snow removal plan is complete is to make sure it includes ice management with the use of deicers. Most people hire a snow plowing company or crew to shovel their pavement surfaces, however so many often fail to take advantage of the protective measure of deicers. After snow is removed and potentially relocated from a parking lot, sidewalk, or driveway, the ground surface underneath needs to be treated with an ice melt product in order to ensure maximum safety and protection from dangerous ice build-up. The most successful winter storm treatment includes snow removal, snow relocation, and ice management. Read more to learn about the power of deicers and decide which product from SISCU may be right for you this winter.

3 Steps to a Successful Winter Storm Treatment Plan

Snow Removal

Professional snow removal crews utilize tools such as front-end loaders, 4×4 trucks, snowplows, and shoveling equipment to give you quick and clean snow removal. While you may be able to remove your own snow from a property, hiring a professional crew can save you time and help you avoid the tedious work of snow removal. Large spaces such as commercial parking lots or town roads should not realistically be cleared without professional equipment and teams because you want to ensure that snow removal is complete with nothing left behind for best results. Public sidewalks can be cleared faster with handheld manual plows for a more efficient clearing as well.

Snow Relocation

Snow relocation is a great option if your property does not have the space to accumulate the plowed snow. Businesses with large parking lots often utilize snow relocation services to move their snow to a new location. This frees up parking spaces and avoids any gross snow piles or customer grievances. Oftentimes large snow piles can also create a safety concern that can be avoided altogether with snow relocation. Professional teams utilize heavy-duty dump trucks to bring the snow to a safer location for it to be disposed of. Snow relocation is especially useful during seasons with heavy and frequent storms, as snow can pile up even faster with nowhere else to go.

Ice Management: Deicers

Ice Management is where the power of deicers comes into play. Stopping your storm treatment at snow plowing or relocation still leaves your pavement exposed to the dangers of ice and the accidents it can cause. Having an ice management plan will help protect your property and the people who frequent it. There are many different types of ice melt products, all with the same goal to reduce ice build-up. Depending on your pavement type, budget, and property size, SISCU has all sorts of deicers such as Rock Salt, Magnesium Chloride, and Calcium Chloride, for any type of job.

Deicers: Rock Salt

Rock Salt is the most common deicer due to its affordability and abundance. Rock Salt is made up of almost 100% sodium chloride, which allows for this product to melt large sections of both snow and ice effectively. While this ice melt does work very fast, the product can be damaging to the pavement, sidewalk, road, or driveway underneath. It is not recommended to utilize Rock Salt if you can’t risk your pavement surface being damaged after treatment. Additionally, Rock Salt is only effective in temperatures warmer than 15°F, meaning it may not be the best option if you reside in a colder climate. Rock Salt is a great first ice melt product since it is often sold in bulk at lower rates and will melt any ice build-up you experience.

Deicers: Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride is one of the most popular ice melt products due to its ability to lower the freezing point of water by absorbing moisture from the air. Magnesium Chloride is much more effective at minimizing ice production after one application compared to Rock Salt and it doesn’t damage the concrete or pavement underneath, making it safer for your roadways. Additionally, Magnesium Chloride is the most environmentally friendly deicer, due to its lower chloride concentration that allows for less harmful reactions to surrounding plant and animal life. Magnesium Chloride is also less toxic to animals, which makes it a great option if your road surface experiences a lot of dog or wildlife traffic. This product is also less irritating to people, so it can be applied safely without a professional, as long as proper safety precaution measures are taken. Magnesium Chloride is available in either pellet or flake form. Pellets have a rounded shape that allows them to move over the surface upon application. This is beneficial if you are trying to spread the product to a tight corner or a large open space. Flakes have a hard, flat shape, meaning they adhere to the ground right away. This property allows for less product waste and a potentially more precise application.

Deicers: Calcium Chloride

The most effective deicer is Calcium Chloride, which is another type of hygroscopic salt. Calcium Chloride can contain anywhere from 83%-90% chloride concentrations, making it the strongest ice melt product. One application of Calcium Chloride will be effective for longer with less product required. While it is strong and minimizes ice, it can be toxic to the surrounding vegetation. Precise application is necessary to ensure the least amount of run-off and outside damage. This product is also available in both pellet and flake form, and both should be applied through a sprayer truck or handheld spreader for best results.

Get Your Deicers Today from SISCU

In order to ensure a complete winter storm treatment plan, you need to make sure you stock up on deicers from SISCU to keep your pavement and road surfaces safe from dangerous ice build-up. With so many options to choose from, SISCU has the product for any type of ice melt job. Check out the complete list of ice melt products here or fill out the form below to get a free quote on your new deicer products!

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