Learning how to control dust with magnesium chloride

dusty road needing dust control services

The presence of dust can create a negative impact on any commercial establishment, even in winter. For example, when there is too much dust present in the outdoor spaces, your employees or your customers will not be able to access them. Dust can be prevalent even in winter at construction sites and on dirt roads where there isn’t any snow or ice. This is where you need to look for an effective dust suppressant solution. While looking for such a solution, you will come across magnesium chloride as well as calcium chloride. It is one of the most effective methods available out there to minimize and control dust production, and in winter you get a two-for-one since it also melts snow and ice!

What is dust and how is it formed?

When dirt as well as loose soil breaks free from the ground’s surface and then fly into the air, dust is created. Large regions and dirt as well as gravel roads are the most prevalent sources of excessive dust generation. Dust is hazardous because of the risks it poses to people’s health, as individuals who are subjected to high levels of dust may have trouble breathing and cough often. Dust may also cause eye irritation and limit sight, all of which are harmful to anybody driving on a dusty road or working in the construction industry. Due to its ability to sneak into tiny gaps and fractures and cause structural or mechanical damage, dust may also harm property and automobiles. Calcium chloride or magnesium chloride are effective dust management products that may help you avoid the risks of dust.

Any surface of an unpaved road is prone to generate dust, particularly if it sees a number of visitors. Baseball fields, building sites, quarries, solar farms, gravel roads, and parking lots are a few of the places where dust is most often an issue. If your company or community owns any property with sizable expanses of gravel or dirt, you have to give dust management options serious consideration.

Using magnesium chloride or calcium chloride to treat dust

Now you have a clear idea of how dust is formed. If you want to stay away from complications caused by dust, you need to be using an appropriate dust control solution such as magnesium chloride or calcium chloride. Before you get the help of an expert who can assist you with it, you need to understand how magnesium chloride and calcium chloride can assist you with keeping dust under control.

How to use magnesium chloride for dust control?

A unique form of hygroscopic salt is magnesium chloride, which likewise draws moisture from the atmosphere to maintain the surface of unpaved or dirt roads wet and reduce dust generation. Relative to calcium chloride, magnesium chloride is a little less concentrated, hence more product is needed to get the same effects over the same amount of time.

However, since it is less hazardous to both people and animals due to the reduced chloride content, this product is the more ecologically responsible choice. Magnesium chloride-treated ground is still completely harmless and other creatures to traverse. If the location you have to treat is located in a more public area with plenty of animals and plants around, a skilled dust control firm may decide to use this solution.

How to use calcium chloride for dust control?

A hygroscopic salt called calcium chloride may draw moisture into the air and utilize it to keep your ground wet. The presence of moisture on a gravel or dirt road prevents topsoil as well as dirt particles from escaping and dispersing as dust. Products using calcium chloride have a chloride concentration of 83% to 87%, making them the most potent and concentrated dust control agents. This makes it possible to use fewer products while still getting good effects.

While calcium chloride might prolong the dampness of dust-producing locations, it can also be harmful to a nearby plant and animal life. A skilled dust control team can decide against using this product if your region has a significant amount of animal activity or is close to vegetation since it is not an environmentally beneficial technique to reduce dust output.

Using magnesium chloride or calcium chloride effectively for dust control

The ideal way to apply dust management solutions is by using specialized tools like sprayer trucks or hand-held spreaders. With too much product in one place and not enough in another, dust will still be produced, hence this equipment is used to guarantee a clean or even application. Handheld spreaders are employed to treat tight turns and small surface areas, whereas sprayer trucks are utilized for bigger areas like quarries, dirt parking lots, or roadways.

Manual use of these chloride compounds is not advised since calcium chloride, in particular, may irritate the skin. Trucks and other equipment complete tasks swiftly, preventing product waste and eventually saving you money.

Can you get rid of the dust on your own?

Now you must be wondering whether it is possible for you to get either magnesium chloride or calcium chloride so that you will be able to deal with the dust problem on your own. It is true that there are magnesium chloride and calcium chloride products on the market, which you can buy and use. However, it is not a good idea to use them on your own. If you try to do that, you will end up spending more money as well as time.

It is quite important to know how to apply magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, so that waste can be minimized. On the other hand, interacting with these chemicals can be quite dangerous. Therefore, you should not handle such chemicals if you don’t have a clear understanding of how to be safe. Otherwise, you will have to go through a risky application process.

There is no need to spend a fortune to get the help of an expert dust control services provider to help you with applying magnesium chloride or calcium chloride. All you have to do is to hand over the work to an expert and experience the benefits that come on your way.

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