Snow Removal Tools – what you’ll need

Jeep in snow

Snow & Ice Management seems as if ice melt chemicals do the work, whether Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, other types of ice melt, or rock salt. However, the real underdogs in the industry are the snow removal tools that help and protect those that are trying to handle the deicing and complete proper snow & ice management.

As an ice melt chemicals supplier, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t also touch base a bit with some of the snow removal tools out there that can help with snow removal or distributing liquid brine combined with other ice melt chemicals.

Pour liquid brine on the road with ease

As an ice melt supplier for commercial businesses or municipalities, we don’t just give you thousands of gallons of liquid brine and say have at it. We have a variety of liquid brine sprayers that can be easily attached to many types of pickup or other types of trucks to distribute the liquid brine evenly before a large snowstorm.

Pouring liquid brine as an anti-icing part of your snow & ice management tactics will help a lot when the snow falls, and you’ll need to move to stronger items for deicing, such as Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, or other types of road salt.

You also want to manage those costs, and wasting any type of ice melt chemicals or liquid brine will eat into your margins as your expenses end up going up. That’s why when we are a supplier of government properties or government facilities, we want to help reduce that waste hence using our liquid brine pumping and distribution system.

It will evenly deploy the liquid brine in a consistent manner and place enough on the road without the need of simply using a hose and spraying aimlessly with the liquid brine.

Depending on how much road you have to cover, we’ve got 100 gallon, 300 gallon, 535 gallon, and 1035 gallon tanks and distribution systems. This helps to make us perfect for any sized job that a snow & ice management company would have to handle. Feel free to reach out to talk this through with us as your ice melt chemicals and liquid brine supplier.

We’ll be able to gauge the amount of liquid brine and the size of the tanks you’ll need. Suppose you find yourself already with the right distribution mechanism. In that case, you may just consider getting our 6,000-gallon liquid brine storage containers, which will help you get through those rough weathers in the mid-Atlantic regions.

Salt Spreader

You may think that the best ice spreader out there is in your hands. After all, it’s just road salt or bulk salt that you’re throwing on the snow for some snow removal. But for those that want to do snow & Ice management properly, then getting a Salt Spreader will end up becoming your best friend on the job.

These are heavy-duty constructions that can easily get through the snow or keep traction on ice as you or your team walks down the sidewalks and pathways to be able to distribute that snow evenly.

There’s only one opening that helps to keep the flow and distribution of ice melt chemicals going without the possibility of blockage. Getting the correct type of salt spreader means getting one with some kind of rain guard to protect when it’s actually raining, snowing, or there’s sleet.

When we’re a supplier for industrial companies or manufacturing companies, where safety is paramount on those makeshift walkways and pathways, having a proper salt spreader will help with the overall snow & ice management.

This is because the salt is spread so evenly that the melting process will have a compounding effect. So not only will you not be wasteful with your ice melt or rock salt, but you’ll also see that the temperature increases with the salt across the area and not clumping in areas where rock salt was distributed by hand and disproportionally.

Protection contractors from the elements

Snow & Ice removal is outdoors work in subfreezing temperatures. Sure, you can use Calcium Chloride when it’s extremely cold, but that helps eliminate the snow on the ground, not the weather in general.

That means besides dressing warmly, you want to make sure that you want to stay dry as well. Getting winter workers’ gloves will help maintain your grip to drive the trucks, shovel the snow or push the salt spreader while being waterproof at the same time.

Waterproof gloves in cold weather mean no wet hands that start to get cold and crack under the weather. In addition, they provide an extra layer of warmth and can be worn comfortably with temperatures as low as -4°F.

These gloves are usually oversized and longer to head down partially your forearms as you will be handling a lot of ice melt chemicals and liquid brine, something you don’t want your hands to be in contact with for a long time.

So make sure when you work with a supplier for municipalities, or government agencies, that they help with getting the right ice melt chemicals mix for the season and take a moment to review and educate you on the types of snow removal tools that are out there.

In the end

You always want to make sure as a snow & ice management company to be as efficient and optimized as possible. However, with that efficiency, you also want to be able to ensure the safety and security of your staff.

If that doesn’t happen, no one will be there to distribute the liquid brine or ice melt chemicals, and then the roads end up getting more and more dangerous during the snow season. There’s a cascading effect when there are not enough companies deicing the roads during the winter. Hence we need to work as a team and ensure that there are always enough ice melt chemicals, snow removal tools, and proper staffing in snow & ice management companies.

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