How Three Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Products Compare

ComboTherm, DowFlake, Peladow - Calcium Chloride ice melt products

There are several categories of ice melt products to choose from today. Calcium chloride ice melt products are intended for snow and ice removal in extreme conditions. These work best in climates like ours here in Bethesda, MD and the Washington DC area. Most of the time, calcium chloride ice melt products come in three basic varieties: pellets, flakes, and blends. 

Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Products

  • Calcium Chloride Pellets, such as PELADOW™ PREMIER, is a fast-acting de-icer that is effective under the coldest temperatures, to -25°F. It has a 90% concentration of calcium chloride. This results in a stronger exothermic reaction than further diluted products. PELADOW™ is best applied for the lowest temperature situations.
  • Calcium Chloride Flakes, like DOWFLAKE™, tend to have a lower concentration of the active ingredient. However, DOWFLAKE™ has 10% more calcium chloride than competing flake brands. The key difference to the pellet form is that these flakes have a flat shape that allows them to adhere to surfaces. For extreme weather situations where movement could be an issue for pellets, flakes are the superior ice removal solution.
  • Calcium Chloride Blends, including COMBOTHERM™, have slightly lower concentrations of calcium chloride, with additives included to assist with application. COMBOTHERM™ includes a greenish additive that serves as a visual aid over snow and ice. This prevents users from applying too much of the product. It’s a good choice for de-icing jobs in very cold weather, in situations where neophytes need an indicator for proper application. It can also help experienced snow removal workers avoid waste if visibility is a problem due to weather or lighting.

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