What Do You Do with Old Sidewalk Ice Melt?

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Do you have old sidewalk or driveway ice melt products that you aren’t sure what to do with? Can they be disposed of in the normal trash? Will they still work after a couple years? Read more to learn about the shelf life of sidewalk ice melt and what you can do with old ice melt products.

What are Sidewalk Ice Melt Products?

There are many different ice melt products that can be utilized to rid your sidewalk, driveway, or any road surface from dangerous ice build up. The most popular type of product is Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride products. These are available in both liquid and flake or pellet form, and their hygroscopic properties allow moisture to be absorbed from the air to lower the freezing temperature of water. This, in turn, reduces ice build up and helps keep roadways safe during major winter storms. There are also products such as Rock Salt which contain almost 100% sodium chloride, helping to lower the freezing temperature of water and reduce ice formation on road surfaces. While this product is fast acting, it can lead to concrete damage and loses its effectiveness when temperatures drop below 15°F. No matter what ice melt product you choose, any type will help keep your road surfaces safe this winter and prevent dangerous ice build up.

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When Do Ice Melt Products Expire?

The key to increasing the life of your ice melt product is to store it properly. When an ice melt product is exposed to air, a reaction occurs. Each time there is a reaction, the product loses some of its effectiveness. In this way, you ideally want your ice melt product to only be exposed to air and have a reaction when it is applied to a road surface in order to maximize the ice melting properties. This makes storing your products in an air-tight facility with proper ventilation and low exposure to humidity crucial. You can read more about properly storing your ice melt products here. Typically, an ice melt product can have a shelf life of around 2 years if stored effectively.

What to do with Old Ice Melt Products

Once you have determined that your ice melt product has reached the end of its life, it is important to properly dispose of these products and stock up on fresh ice melt for the new season. While salt is an important factor in keeping roadways safe, it can have lasting effects on the environment. You should never pour excess salt down a storm drain or dump it out on your lawn, as it can wash into rivers or creeks and harm many of the animals living there. You should consider donating old salt ice melt products, as even though some of the effectiveness might be lost, they never fully expire and someone can make use of these products to keep their roadways safe. If you are disposing of your old ice melt product because it has clumped up, you can actually get rid of the clumps and still utilize the ice melt. One method would be to simply drop the bag on a hard surface a couple of times to break up the chunks and activate the product again. You can also heat up ice melt that has hardened together over time to loosen up the product and make use of any leftover.

Another option for old ice melt is to reuse it. Old ice melt can be very effective as a liquid down the road. That liquid can be used for deicing roadways in the winter or for dust control in the warmer months on dirt roads, solar farms, quarries, and in construction areas.

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