What Winter Ice Melting Products are Best in 2021?

Snow Plow Salting - Ice Melting Product Comparison

With the seasons changing and the winter storm season slowly approaching, now is the time to be proactive and ensure you have a plan to get the best winter ice melting products. Snow removal is only one part of the plan, as dangerous ice must also be melted and removed to ensure the complete safety of people, animals, vehicles, and property. With so many ice melting products available to use, there are a variety of products for any size job. Read more to learn about the different ice melting products offered at SISCU and decide which is best for your winter storm prevention.

Different Types of Products: Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, and Rock Salt

There are a wide variety of top-quality ice melting products available at SISCU for any winter weather conditions. The most popular deicers are Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride. These hygroscopic salts absorb moisture from the air and lower the freezing point of water to prevent ice build-up. Magnesium Chloride is effective in temperatures as low as -13°F, while Calcium Chloride works in temperatures up to -25°F. Calcium Chloride is the clear choice if you live in a very cold climate and are looking for a product that will still melt ice quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, however, Magnesium Chloride is shown to be more environmentally friendly due to the lower chloride concentration in the product. Additionally, Magnesium Chloride is safer on the paws of animals and does less damage to surrounding vegetation. Of course, the best way to minimize the environmental effects of any chemical product is to make sure you are precise in your application and avoid excess product that can run into storm drains or plant life. With this being said, both Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride are available in flake and pellet form. Flakes are better at providing a more precise application, as their hard flat shape allows them to adhere to the ground surface directly where they are placed. Pellets are more effective for larger surfaces where you want the product to roll around and reach far-off edges and corners to ensure an even application. Both flakes and pellets are effective forms of chlorides and will help prevent your dangerous ice build-up. Additionally, Rock Salt is another available ice melting product. This is the most commonly mentioned product due to its accessibility and affordability. Rock Salt contains almost 100% sodium making it effective in melting ice. Rock Salt can be very damaging to road surfaces underneath it, so it should be reserved for concrete that is already damaged or not essential. Rock Salt is available in large quantities and can be the perfect option if you are looking for bulk ice melt.

Why Ice Melting Products are Important

Ice melting products are an important way to protect both people and vehicles from the dangerous effects of ice build-up. Icy roads can lead to unsafe travel and cause accidents and vehicle damage. Icy roads also prevent pedestrians from getting around and pose a health and safety hazard. The best way to avoid these risks is to have the proper ice melting products on hand to prevent dangerous ice build-up. Ice melt should be incorporated into your routine winter storm maintenance plan alongside snow removal to ensure a safe and complete proper winter clean-up.

How to Store Ice Melting Products

While each ice melting product has a slightly different make-up and effectiveness, all products should be stored in the same way. Properly storing your ice melting products ensures that they last for the entire winter and excess can be utilized during the next season. If you are looking to store previously open products, these should be applied during the next storm, as they do not last as long in storage compared to unopened products. Your ice melting products are most protected in a climate-controlled storage facility where they will not be exposed to any moisture, humidity, or sun. Moisture can damage the effectiveness of these products, potentially requiring more applications and products to achieve the same results. If you do not have access to a climate-controlled storage facility, the next best storage option would be outdoors on a paved surface under a heavy tarp. These conditions will reduce the possibility for moisture to seep up into the ice melting products and also protect them from sunlight and humidity. Direct sunlight is the worst way to store ice-melting products, as the heat from the sun can cause the active ingredients in the products to have a reaction prematurely, thus reducing the effectiveness of the reaction when applied to melt ice. Properly storing your ice melting products is the best way to ensure their effectiveness and save you time and money each winter season.

Get your Ice Melting Products from SISCU

SISCU offers top-quality ice melt products that are sure to keep your road surfaces safe this winter. Act now before winter storm season hits to be prepared for any weather conditions. Whether you choose Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, or Rock Salt, get your premium deicers from SISCU!

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