Will there be a rock salt shortage this winter?

rock salt transport to prevent shortage

If you live in a frigid area like the Mid-Atlantic region, you can expect frequent storms, ice, and snow, freezing rain, and bitter cold. Rock salt may be used to prevent damage and ease problems brought on by winter. However, many winters snow contractors experience a rock salt shortage, making snow removal difficult. You need to be equipped to handle the issue in the event of a shortage.

Will there be a rock salt shortage in 2022-2023? 

Winter will arrive soon enough where we are located in the Mid-Atlantic/Washington DC area. Storms, ice, snow, freezing rain, and bitter cold are all characteristics of our winters. Typically, rock salt is used to melt snow in order to minimize the harm and problems that winter may bring. However, if there is a lack of rock salt it will make clearing snow more challenging and probably more expensive if other products are used as a replacement. Are you outfitted for the season’s abrasive weather conditions when it comes to having the right amount of rock salt for clearing snow and ice in your market?

This winter, there may be a scarcity of rock salt because of many reasons. First, there have been delays as well as partial closures in the Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway transportation systems. There have also been strikes by workers in the Bahamas. Rock salt shipments were being loaded on loaders when a serious disaster occurred in May. Sadly, the Midwest is experiencing a salt shortage as a result of these problems. Road hazards might result from a lack of salt. The most popular deicer for handling winter storms and other winter-related issues is rock salt. As you know, without salt, sleet, snow, or ice might accumulate. This may result in hazardous road conditions and hazardous driving conditions in the winter.

It’s crucial to be ready in case of a rock salt shortage. Your inventories and business procedures need to take this potential salt shortage into consideration. We are rock salt suppliers – contact us with questions or to place your bulk salt order.

Even the price will go up 

Just like everything these days, costs are expected to rise for rock salt – especially if there is a lack of salt. The additional transportation and import charges for transporting salt into United States are covered by a price rise. Salt prices might double or possibly increase as a result of these changes. These unforeseen charges might hurt your company’s bottom line if you’ve already established your plan for the next year. 

Midway through the winter, some providers have to increase their rates to reflect these changes. Ask your vendors about their contingency preparations in case of a shortage to prevent this scenario. Alternatively, if you work with us as a partner, there won’t be any surprises. At the start of the season, they fix our pricing, and they never raise them again.

How to deal with rock salt shortage? 

Shortages in rock salt are not unusual. Last year, the Midwestern states had a significant salt shortage that created issues for companies without snow management strategies or without previously having recruited a team of snow clearing specialists.

  • Proactively protect you snow contractor business

Customers rely on you to have a rock salt supply that can be replenished if needed. Your reputation (and bottom line) depend upon it. Make sure well in advance of winter that you have enough salt to keep your customers operating throughout the winter and their driveways clean and safe to use at home.

In addition, make sure you have back up plans and alternatives to your rock salt supply. You may rely on a salt supplier for a dependable service in any conditions, even when salt supplies are low. Depending on the climate, the temperature, and the kind of outdoor surface you’re treating, you can even use excellent alternatives. Ask us for suggestions!

  • Don’t Waste Your Salt

The initial plan of action is to keep the rock salt you have in reserve. This entails adopting measures to reduce the quantity of salt being used while still making use of salt’s deicing properties. You can achieve this in a few different ways, but one option is to start combining salt and sand if your municipality and customers allow it. Your customers may benefit from the deicing properties of salt as well as the increase in ground friction that sand provides by mixing these two materials.

Pre-salting outdoor surfaces is not necessary if you lack sufficient salt for it. Instead of just using snow, think about adding extra shoveling or plow work. The best that can try if you lack sufficient salt on hand is this imperfect remedy. Additionally, wherever feasible, use processed salt, that exerts the same effect as conventional rock salt but uses less of it.

  • Start to collect salt now 

Lock in your plans now if you don’t already have one for the upcoming winter weather. If you do, be sure to regularly evaluate it. Encourage your customers to consider possible trip hazards in the entranceways, parking lots, or pavements and make sure you have adequate resources to address the high-traffic sections of their properties.

If you haven’t used the wonderful services of an ice melt vendor like snowicesalt.com, think about the advantages of using a large, nationwide ice melt supplier like us. If you are located in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia, you can pick up rock salt 24/7. If you are located further away, contact us to discuss shipping bulk rock salt to you. Consider your attention to making sure you have a reliable salt supplier as one of the benefits a customer gets by using your services.

Buy your rock salt before the season begins to prevent a disaster in winter. Early buying provides several benefits, including more options, cheaper pricing, and the ability to buy as much as you want, averting a scarcity.

  • Buy salt in bulk 

Bulk purchasing avoids panic buying. Buying a lot of salt and salt-related items will result in peace of mind and a safe and profitable winter for your snow contracting business.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to explore buying rock salt from Snow & Ice Salt and Chemicals Unlimited.


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