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We are a leading supplier of ice melt, road salt, ice melting products, snow removal products, and dust control products - open and fully supplied 24/7. We are here day and night when you need winter salt, shovels, ice melt chemicals or calcium chlroide dust control with two locations in Maryland to serve you. Our customers come from Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania to pick up quality ice melt, salt and dust control products!

We provide road salt, ice melt, and dust control products to snow contractors, federal government agencies, state government facilities, local municipalities, commercial businesses, and industrial companies. No order is too big and we can have it ready for pick up 24/7 or shipped out fast.

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Industries We Supply

Snow Contractors icon

Snow and Ice Management contractors around the country use our products for the best snow and ice removal services. Many also use our products for dust control services.

Government Facilities icon

Federal, State, and Municipal agencies in Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland & Virginia get their ice melt and dust control products from SISCU.

Industrial Facilities icon

Industrial facility managers are frequent customers of Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited to keep their grounds free of snow and extra dust.

Commercial Businesses icon

Some commercial businesses purchase ice melt, rock salt and snow removal tools directly from our company.

Commercial and Industrial Salt, Ice Melt, & Brine

We are at your service 24/7 to provide you with ice melt, whether bulk ice melt, wholesale, or for individual use.  When the weather is bad, surfaces are unsafe, so we stay open to help you keep commercial properties, government buildings and industrial facilities safe.

Snow Removal & De-icing Tools

Winter Work Gloves for Snow Removal Companies from Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC

Brine & Dust Control Equipment

At Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, we carry brine and dust control equipment that is reliable and effective for most applications. We have a variety of sizes in sprayers and also a 6,000 tank.
Get details on brine & dust control equipment.

Winter Work Gloves for Snow Removal Companies from Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC

PVC Winter Work Gloves

These are the best winter work gloves or snow plow gloves in the industry! Fully fleece-lined and they stay flexible down to -4 degrees.
Get details on winter work gloves.

Peladow Push Chemical Spreader for De-icing

Salt Spreaders

Push salt spreaders are ideal for spreading de-icers on sidewalks and smaller areas with accuracy. Our durable spreaders will last for years to come.
Get details on salt spreaders.

Dust Control Products

Dust Control Product Application
Keeping dust down on dirt and gravel roads is not important for reducing respiratory issues, but it helps keep roads stable. Using dust control products reduces wind erosion, road deterioration, and potholes. You'll spend less time repairing roads and replacing gravel. It also makes aggregate surfaces harder over time. All of this saves money overall!
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Open 24/7 so supplies are ready when you them!

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