Calcium Chloride: ComboTherm™

COMBOTHERM™ Calcium Chloride

COMBOTHERM™ Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) commercial strength blended deicer is a best-value solution. It is a unique performance blend that contains the highest percentage of calcium chloride (CaCl2) of any blend on the market – at least 70%. Because it is comprised predominantly of calcium chloride (CaCl2), it is a better ice melt material and a better value than blends composed mostly of rock salt, which are less effective when temperatures fall below 20°F (-7°C).

  • Contains 70% calcium chloride (CaCl2), which is the highest percentage of any blend on the market.
  • Generates heat as it works, melting snow and ice faster than other blended deicers.
  • Performs in a wider range of winter temperatures, even extreme cold.
  • Is a unique "processed blend" that combines its deicing power into a single chip.
  • Effective to -25°F

COMBOTHERM™ Highlights

COMBOTHERM™ calcium chloride (CaCl2) ice melt has a built-in performance indicator to show you how quickly it works. When COMBOTHERM™ is applied, a greencolored additive appears as a visual aid to help prevent wasteful overapplication. Then, as the blend dissolves,
the color fades – along with the snow and ice.

ComboTherm Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Blend

How It Works

COMBOTHERM™ calcium chloride ice melt blend releases heat on contact, accelerating the melting process. A unique composition makes it an economical alternative to premium ice melters for maintenance professionals and property managers.  COMBOTHERM™ helps prevent icy buildup that can jeopardize the safety of residents, employees and visitors.

Melting Point

COMBOTHERM™ keeps working to -25°F (-32°C) and it generates heat as it works, melting snow and ice faster than other blended deicers. COMBOTHERM™ contains a green performance indicator – as the snow and ice melt, the color fades showing how quickly COMBOTHERM™ works. The green coloring also serves as coverage indicator, so users can easily see how much they’ve applied and avoid over-application.

COMBOTHERM™ Lowest Effective Temp: -25°F

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