Sodium Acetate Ice Melt

Sodium Acetate Ice Melt (NAAC)

Sodium Acetate Ice Melt (NAAC) is a white to gray spherical pellet that is a high performance replacement for other commercially available deicers including chlorides and urea. Sodium Acetate is non-chloride based making it safer for structural steel and reinforcing steel embedded in concrete as well as safer for the environment because it is:

  • Less persistent in the environment than other solid deicers.
  • Quickly biodegradable even at low temperatures.
  • Minimally toxic to fish and mammals.

Sodium Acetate Highlights

Sodium Acetate (NAAC) contains no chlorides yet has excellent melting properties. It works faster than urea and sodium chloride and requires less material to achieve similar effectiveness.

NAAC offers these advantages:

  • It is exothermic, giving off heat as it dissolves, melting ice faster than common deicers
  • It works fast like calcium chloride, without chloride-induced corrosion
  • It works longer, requiring fewer applications
  • It is easy to apply - applied with the same equipment as urea
  • It is safe for the environment, non-persistent, biodegradable
  • It is manufactured from pure materials, NAAC does not track like common deicers

Sodium Acetate (NAAC) ice melt

How It Works

Sodium Acetate is exothermic, giving off heat as it dissolves, melting ice faster than common deicers. It works like calcium chloride, without the chloride-induced corrosion.

Melting Point

Sodium Acetate has excellent ice melting properties in the form of an Anhydrous pellet that contains 97% active ingredients for high performance. It requires less material than common deicers to achieve similar effectiveness and is active to Active to about 0°F.

    • Sodium Acetate can be found in reusable heat packs
    • Sodium Acetate is used in the textile industry to neutralize acids
    • Sodium Diacetate is used as a food additive like on some types of potatoe chips
    • Sodium Acetate is sometimes used as a type of concrete sealant
    • You can make your own sodium acetate (though please read the warnings) with instructions at

    Sodium Acetate Lowest Effective Temp: 0°F

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