Cool Blue Ice Melt Crystals

Cool Blue

Cool Blue ice melt crystals are a formulation of sodium and magnesium chlorides, specially blended to melt ice and snow reliably and faster than rock salt. It works effectively at temperatures as low as -12 °F like we often see in our primary service areas of Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

  • Safety blue color makes product visible for even application.
  • Breaks up ice and melts snow faster than rock salt.
  • Performs in a wider range of winter temperatures.
  • Helps make steps, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots safer.
  • Effective to -12°F

Cool Blue Highlights

Cool Blue premium ice melter contains a premium blend of approximately:

  • >80% sodium chloride
  • <18% magnesium chloride
  • <1% calcium chloride
  • <1% potassium chloride

Cool Blue Ice Melt Crystals

How It Works

Cool Blue ice melt crystals contain a unique blend of high performance ice melting chemicals (primarily sodium chloride and magnesium chloride), that when combined, produce a fast-acting ice melting product.

Melting Point

Cool Blue ice melt works well in low temperatures and has been proved to break up ice faster than rock salt when temps are as low as -12°F. Cool Blue ice melt crystals are the perfect way to fight the effects of winter storms.

Cool Blue Lowest Effective Temp: -12°F

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