Stocking Deicers and Ice Melt Products

Salt Truck Spreading Ice Melt / Deicers

When preparing for winter, most people don’t think about stocking up on deicers and ice melt products – but if you are reading this, you are likely to be a snow and ice management contractor and you think differently. Snow contractors know that keeping deicers and ice melt products in stock is vital so they don’t run out mid-winter. However, in the sagging economy, we have now it might be tempting to keep your supplies low to keep down costs and gamble on having a mild winter. We all wish we had that crystal ball to know for sure, but since we don’t, here are some insights to help with decisions on stocking deicers and ice melt products this winter.

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Best Brine Sprayers for Deicers

Liquid Brine Truck

When it comes to snow and ice management, using brine sprayers for deicers is a popular choice. Brine provides much-needed assistance with ice management. In other words, brine sprayers can deliver amazing results when using different ice melt products available out there. We can often see how people use brine solutions to keep parking lots, highways, and roadways clear of ice. But which brine sprayers for deicers are best for specific jobs? Keep reading to learn more!

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Tips to get the best ice removal products for extreme weather

blizzard road

Which ice melt products are best for the very coldest temperatures? Here in the Mid-Atlantic, we supply ice melt products and bulk rock salt to snow contractors across the country, so we are often asked this question. You might wonder: Why not just stock the ice melts that work in the coldest temps so you are covered even if it’s not that cold outside. The answer is a simple one: because it’s not cost effective or good for the environment to ALWAYS use the harshest stuff. So let’s take a look at different ice melt products and when it’s best to use specific products based on the weather…

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Determine how much ice melt you need this winter

Heavy snow

Summer is wrapping up and you are probably well into your planning for winter 2022-2023. In addition to getting your contracts secure and equipment tuned up and ready, it’s time to make sure you have a reliable supply of ice melt products. Along with pricing, you are striving to make sure the supply will be in your hands when needed, make sure you can replenish it if necessary and that you’ll get a good response from your supplier if you have questions or issues.

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Tips from an ice melt supplier in Washington, DC

coblestone ice melt

It’s crucial that you know where to go in order to get a reliable supply of ice melt for your snow and ice management business. Whether you are a new snow contractor who plans to buy bulk rock salt for the very first time this coming winter or you’re an experienced snow contractor exploring the idea of replacing your existing supplier. Bulk ice melt supplies are available from many vendors, but not all of these choices are reliable and well-suited for your business.

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Will there be a rock salt shortage this winter?

rock salt transport to prevent shortage

If you live in a frigid area like the Mid-Atlantic region, you can expect frequent storms, ice, and snow, freezing rain, and bitter cold. Rock salt may be used to prevent damage and ease problems brought on by winter. However, many winters snow contractors experience a rock salt shortage, making snow removal difficult. You need to be equipped to handle the issue in the event of a shortage.

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Ice Melt Products That Are Safe For Pets & The Environment

black lab snow

Ice accumulates in places where the temperature gets below or around the freezing point with significant snowfall. Likewise, the most effective way to melt ice is by using ice melt products. But, while using ice melt, you may want to consider using environmentally friendly ice melt products.

Ice melt products can be pretty effective in a variety of temperatures and conditions. It lowers the freezing point of water, thus preventing ice build-up. Moreover, ice melt products like Sodium Acetate and Calcium Magnesium Acetate are environmentally friendly.

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Calcium Chloride vs Magnesium Chloride – What is the best ice melt solution?

tire tracks snow

In the winter, nobody wants to go tumbling down a flight of slippery steps. With careful use of ice melt products such as magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, outdoor surfaces may be kept safe even during the coldest of months. We’ve outlined these compounds and gathered some advantages and disadvantages so you can decide before you purchase a bucket whether it’s the perfect choice for yourself and your family.

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Liquid De-Icer for Pre-Treating Surfaces

icy road mountain

While solid ice melting products like rock salt and calcium chloride products are the most common and conventional way of managing ice and snow, liquid de-icer should not be overlooked. Many snow contractors keep a constant supply of liquid deicer on hand for pre-treating roads, walkways and parking lots for their customers.

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