What is Calcium Chloride Ice Melt?

Calcium Chloride Products from snowicesalt.com

Calcium Chloride Ice Melt is a hygroscopic salt that absorbs moisture from the air to lower the freezing point of water. It is effective in temperatures up to -25°F, making it one of the most effective products for very cold climates. Compared to its competitors such as Magnesium Chloride, Rock Salt, Brine Solutions, and other Petroleum-based products, Calcium Chloride contains the highest chloride concentrations, making it more effective after just one application. Calcium Chloride Ice Melt comes in 3 formats; flake, pellet, and the budget-friendly combo blend. Each format contains slightly different properties, however the effects are mostly identical in that every product helps prevent dangerous ice build up and keeps your road surfaces safe for both people and vehicles. Read more to learn about the different types of products available to find out which is right for you. Don’t wait to purchase your premium ice melt products from SISCU!

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How to Prepare Your Road Surface for Dust Abatement Chemicals

Dust Control - Dust Abatement - Dusty Truck

Is excess dust in the air ruining your summer outdoors? Don’t let your outdoor gatherings be ruined by dust flying in your food or face this summer, and instead treat your dusty roads and lots with premiere dust abatement chemicals from SISCU. With such a large variety of products, SISCU offers the perfect dust abatement chemicals for any dust producing area. Read more to learn about the best dust control application techniques to ensure that your outdoor space is treated and prepared for the rest of summer!

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What is the Best Ice Melt? Best Snow and Ice Melt in 2021

Best Ice Melt on Walkway

Are you looking to find the best ice melt product to keep your roadway surfaces safe this winter? SISCU offers premium ice melt products in a range of sizes, brands, and ice melt type, allowing you to select the product that meets your needs as the best ice melt product for all your jobs this winter.

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Where to Buy Calcium Chloride and Other Dust Control Products

Dusty Buggy Race

Are you tired of having excess dust in the air ruin your outdoor event? If you are a company or organization that is looking to do business outside this summer, you need to invest in premium dust control solutions with SISCU to ensure your guests, audience, and clients have a safe and comfortable outside experience this summer. With so many different product options, read more to learn where to buy calcium chloride and other dust control products.

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Eco Friendly Ice Melt Products to Keep Your Road Surfaces Safe This Winter

Eco Friendly Ice Melt Dog

Winter storms can create hazardous weather conditions, making travel unsafe for vehicles and pedestrians. The simple solution is to apply ice melt products to your roadways, however have you considered the environmental effects of this simple solution? Read more to learn about what ice melt products are the most eco friendly and how you can make application more intentional and environmentally conscious.

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What Do You Do with Old Sidewalk Ice Melt?

Rock Salt Storage Building

Do you have old sidewalk or driveway ice melt products that you aren’t sure what to do with? Can they be disposed of in the normal trash? Will they still work after a couple years? Read more to learn about the shelf life of sidewalk ice melt and what you can do with old ice melt products.

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Ice Melt Shelf Life: Do Deicers Expire?

Ice Melt Storage

Ice Melt products such as Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride are essential to keeping your roadways safe during the winter season. Since it is most cost-effective to purchase these products in bulk, it’s important to know: do deicers expire? Read more to learn about the makeup of ice melt products and how to store them properly to maximize their use over more than one season.

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Magnesium Chloride: Dirt Road Dust Control Solutions

Dust Control on Dirt Road

Magnesium Chloride is a naturally occurring mineral that has a number of diverse uses on roads, including as an ice melt solution and a dirt road dust control solution. Magnesium Chloride is a hygroscopic salt, meaning it is able to absorb moisture from the air to create a barrier on the road surface to protect against both dust and ice. Read more to learn about Magnesium Chloride and how it can eliminate dust on dirt roads.

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