Best Dust Abatement Products: Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride

Dust abatement and dust control products help people to ensure their good health, preserve the natural environment, and ensure the longevity of machinery and equipment. When you take a look at dust abatement products available out there, you will notice that there are two main options to consider for the best dust control: Calcium Chloride and magnesium chloride. It is important to figure out what the best product out of them for your use and go ahead with using the right one.

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What is the best ice melt chemical to prevent spalling?

spalling concrete

It’s not uncommon in the mid-Atlantic region to have snowstorm after snowstorm all winter long, along with sub-freezing temperatures throughout the entire winter. These are ideal conditions for spalling from ice melt when professionals aren’t involved. First, the roads get wet, then they get iced over, and all we can focus on is snow & ice management strategies and the fastest way to do deicing. That means we head over to whatever ice melt chemicals supplier around and buy the first things in front of us. Yet rock salt, road salt, bulk salt, and ice melt are all different types of composition and not always the best option for specific surfaces.

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Snow Removal Season Wrap Up Tips

Spring crocus flower

You’ve weathered the storms, literally, across Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia, or even Southern Pennsylvania. The snow removal business has been good, and your clients have been pleasantly satisfied with your work and choice of ice melt supplier for the winter season. Now what?

The snow removal season is done and gone until next year, and the Snow & Ice management has been exceptional. So, is it time to pack in all that rock salt, road salt, and associated snow removal tools for the next season then? Almost.

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Snow Removal Tools – what you’ll need

Jeep in snow

Snow & Ice Management seems as if ice melt chemicals do the work, whether Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, other types of ice melt, or rock salt. However, the real underdogs in the industry are the snow removal tools that help and protect those that are trying to handle the deicing and complete proper snow & ice management.

As an ice melt chemicals supplier, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t also touch base a bit with some of the snow removal tools out there that can help with snow removal or distributing liquid brine combined with other ice melt chemicals.

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Ice Melt Budgeting Tips for Snow Contractors

backhow in snow

We made it through another season of mid-Atlantic snowstorms! Whether you were working with an ice melt supplier for Washington D.C. or Southern Pennsylvania, warmer weather has come.

Now it’s time to step back and start considering what your budget should be when the snowfall comes again next season. There are ways to be able to optimize this and not have to overspend. As one of the leading ice melt suppliers in the Mid-Atlantic, here are our tips for snow contractors when budgeting for their ice melt supply next year.

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Tips for Selling Snow Removal Services

DIY snow removal - shoveling snow

If you are reading this post, it’s likely that you provide snow contractor services and one of the everyday battles you face is customers wanting to do DIY snow removal instead of hiring a professional. There is no doubt that you already have a long list of reasons why customers should hire a professional snow and ice management company rather than doing their own snow removal, but here is our list. Hopefully it will help you as you move forward and continue to grow your business!

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How Do Ice Melt Chemicals Actually Melt Ice?

car on snowy road

No one likes thinking about winter ice on slippery roads and surfaces. All we want to do as ice melt suppliers and snow contractors is ELIMINATE ice and snow. But if you’ve ever thought about just HOW ice melt chemicals melt ice, this is the article for you! Let’s take a closer look… 

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How Unhealthy are Ice Melt Products?

winter in city

One of the biggest concerns during those winter blizzards in the mid-Atlantic regions is what to do to eliminate them. The obvious question is finding the right ice melt chemicals supplier and having a heavy snow & ice management regime to handle the snow. Whether it’s a combination of ice melt, rock salt, or other deicing supplier needs, this is that first line of defense to eliminate the snow that piles up, melts, and eventually re-freezes into dangerous ice.

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How to budget and resupply on an annual basis

heavy duty snowplow

Snow & Ice Management can be a great business model. You have consistency and seasonality, and snowstorms will hit the mid-Atlantic. Whether it’s the Washington DC area, Virginia, Baltimore, or Southern Pennsylvania, it’s time for Snow removal companies to get their gear and hit the road when that snow hits.

To maintain costs, some annual planning can go a long way for those working with an ice melt supplier or a deicing supplier in general. There’s a flow and some historical reviews that can help predict what the following snow season will look like. Early planning and purchasing can get you the best pricing and also ensure that you have the tools and materials you need when the storm hits.

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