Learn how to effectively store road salt

Road Salt Storage

Now that winter 2023 is wrapping up, it’s time to start thinking about what you will do with the left over road salt. How do you store it so it doesn’t start clumping up or activating due to moisture exposure? It’s vital to store ice melt products correctly during off-season months so it can be used again next winter. Road salt is something that doesn’t go bad – IF it is stored properly. However, the efficiency associated with it can go down, especially if you expose it to moisture. That’s why we thought of sharing a comprehensive guide on how to effectively store road salt.

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2023: The State of the Road Salt Industry

Road Salt and Ice Melt Supply

As the winter season plugs along, you may come across the challenge of finding road salt.  This is something that most snow and ice management companies have to deal with almost every year. To make yourself ready for dealing with such challenges, it is better to have a clear understanding of the state of the salt industry. Continue to read and we will be sharing some useful insights about the salt industry. Based on this, you will be able to figure out whether you will have to face any major challenges with finding salt in the upcoming winter season.

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Top Brine Sprayer Uses & Benefits

Brine sprayer

Using brine sprayers is a popular method of managing ice on roads during the winter months. Brine is nothing but a solution made out of saltwater. It is possible to apply this solution directly on roads. If you can apply brine on the road before a winter storm takes place, you will effectively be able to reduce the accumulation of ice and snow. However, brine sprayers are not just useful for ice management during winter. You may also think about using them for dust control during the summer months. Continue to read and let’s learn more about the applications of brine sprayers.

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How to find the best ice melt

Best ice melt products

If you operate or work at a snow plow company, you will need to be equipped with the right ice melt products to cater to your customer needs during the winter season. However, this can be quite challenging as you may discover multiple options in the market. That’s why we thought of reviewing the most prominent ice melt solutions available out there in detail so that you can proceed with the right option.

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How to Keep Road Salt from Hardening

Ice Melt Storage

Winter months bring a set of unique challenges for snow contractors. Managing equipment, crews, technology and customers is tough but not the whole story. One of the biggest challenges is having enough rock salt on hand to service customers but also store it effectively so it doesn’t go bad. Road salt storage isn’t complicated, but it needs to be a priority to run your business effectively.

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5 Tips to Overcome Potential Rock Salt Shortage

Rock Salt Storage

If you are managing a snow and ice removal business, you are familiar with needing massive amounts of salt during the winter season. But as per the information we gather now, there will be a salt shortage happening in the future. This is not something new, as you may have experienced the same issue in the past few years as well. However, you cannot just let a salt shortage make your business underperform. That’s where you need to be aware of some useful tips on how to deal with a salt shortage during the upcoming winter months.

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How to Find the Best Ice Melt Distributor

icy roads need ice melt supplier

If you’ve been in the snow and ice management business for very long, you know there are loads of ice melt products out there and new innovations every season. If you are thinking about buying new equipment, you ask a dealer about what’s best. So when you are buying ice melt products, of course it makes sent to try and find the best ice melt distributor to answer your questions. It’s wise to seek the assistance of a reliable ice melt distributor out there before you buy truckloads of rock salt or pallets of ice melt blends. As a leading ice melt supplier in the Mid-Atlantic, we get asked a lot of questions so we’ve put together a summary of common questions and tips when looking for an ice melt distributor of your own.

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Rock Salt vs Ice Melt – Which is Best?

rock salt spreader truck

If you’re from an area with a lot of snow, you’re probably all too acquainted with ice. It’s always harmful and often undetectable. Even worse, a standard snow shovel will merely clang off its surface. Without the aid of rock salt or ice melt, removing ice is not a simple task. But what’s the difference between the two? Which is best when you compare rock salt vs ice melt? Let’s take a look.

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