Calcium Magnesium Acetate for Ice Melting: Clearing the Roads

Black Snow Plow with Yellow Plow

Road salts are known to be safe and effective for use on driveways, walkways, and stairs to improve traction and melt ice and snow. However, regular sodium chloride road salts are increasingly recognized as potentially damaging to infrastructure and the environment when used in commercial and DOT applications. They are corrosive to metals in highway structures (bridges, overpasses, guard rails, etc.) and can increase the concentration of sodium in drinking and irrigation waters, leading to negative health effects and potential crop growth issues when used in excess. For these reasons, governments, military installations, transportation agencies, universities, and property management firms require the use of Calcium Magnesium Acetate for ice melting…
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Calcium Chloride Ice Melt vs Magnesium Chloride: 3 Facts to Consider

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When winter rolls in, bringing with it treacherous snow and bitter cold temperatures, it’s important to take a look at calcium chloride ice melt vs magnesium chloride as the best product for you to use – especially if you are located in Maryland like we are, or in the northern states. And when looking to pick the best ice melt product in winter, it’s important to know these three facts about industry leaders Calcium Chloride Ice Melt vs Magnesium ChlorideRead More

Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt Options

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Ice happens. In many areas of the country, like where we are in Maryland, a lot of ice happens. Unfortunately, in the course of preventing injuries, and even deaths, from the effects of that ice, the environment sometimes takes quite a beating. Most deicer chemicals are not very environmentally friendly ice melt options. When you’re in charge of ordering supplies for a professional ice and snow removal company, you probably don’t have time to do the extensive research necessary to find ice melt products that are environmentally friendly, work well, and are still cost-effective. Fortunately, we have a line of environmentally friendly ice melt chemicals available. Read More

Funny Snow Plow Videos & Epic Snow Removal Fails

Truck in Ditch
We love supplying snow removal companies on the East Coast with ice and snow removal products. Day after day we think about the best ice melt products for our customers and make sure we have supplies available 24/7 for local pick up. But every now and then it’s fun to think about our customers on the streets, imagining what they go through after being tasked with removing massive amounts of snow and ice.

So much can go wrong… and so many strange situations can pop up. So here we’ve compiled a few of our favorite funny snow plow videos for you to enjoy.  Read More

The 11 Top Ice Melt Products for Snow Removal Companies

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Weather predictions continue to flow in, and it seems that the 2015-2016 winter will be unpredictable. Based on El Niño predictions, some expect a mild winter, but traditionally storms bury the East Coast either way. So regardless of which predictions you believe, it’s advisable to be ready for anything. After all, isn’t that how you sell your snow removal services? Snow removal companies must be prepared for any amount of snow or ice – especially on the East Coast. So which ice melt products are best for snow removal companies? Read More

How Winter Ice Forms: A Quick Lesson on What Causes Ice

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As winter approaches, we are starting to think about snow and ice. How about you? Have you ever wondered how winter ice forms or what causes winter ice? A quick look reveals that there are multiple weather conditions that can cause the slippery headache that can immobilize businesses. So let’s take a closer look… Read More

Is Your Snow Removal Company Ready for Winter 2016?

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We know that for a snow removal company, preparing for winter snow & ice is your number one priority right now. Snow has already fallen on the east coast, and it could happen anywhere. Anytime. So here are some tips to make sure your snow removal company is ready for snow and ice in winter 2016. Read More

Ice Removal Prep: Best Ice Melt Products for Extreme Weather

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The winter is approaching, and it is extremely important that your ice removal company is prepared for the busy season. There are several ice melt products available, but you are going to want to use the very best – and make sure you can get them when needed. Fortunately, our business knows a great deal about ice removal and we supply the best ice melt products for extreme weather to snow removal companies in Washington, Maryland, Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania. So let’s look at some options… Read More