How Winter Ice Forms: A Quick Lesson on What Causes Ice

Ice on Car

As winter approaches, we are starting to think about snow and ice. How about you? Have you ever wondered how winter ice forms or what causes winter ice? A quick look reveals that there are multiple weather conditions that can cause the slippery headache that can immobilize businesses. So let’s take a closer look… 

5 Conditions that Cause Winter Ice

We know that water can begin to freeze as temperatures reach or drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is important to recognize that hazardous slippery environments can form anytime, anywhere, even at higher temperatures.

  1. Snow: this is pretty obvious, but it’s important to realize that even a thin covering of snow can cause roadways and sidewalks to become dangerous to pedestrians and drivers.
  2. Precipitation: with freezing rain, whether heavy or light drizzle, drops instantly freeze on contact and form a sleek coat of ice on all surfaces.
  3. Sleet: small frozen pellets form before hitting the ground, but in conjunction with potentially imminent freezing rain, black ice can result.
  4. Fog: this is a sneaky ice creator in that fog can quickly result in a treacherous layer of ice if temperatures drop below freezing.
  5. Wind: snow can be blown onto walkways and roads, even on sunny days, causing unexpected slippery conditions. Also wind chill can create ice when regular temps are above freezing.

Living in environments where low temperatures and wintry conditions are common can lead to complacency about weather. Let’s face it, we’re located in Maryland and it’s common to have pretty thick skin when it comes to winter storms. But if you are a snow removal company managing your client’s winter safety and clean up services, it is essential to prepare for perilous circumstances during all winter storms – big or small.

Ice forms rapidly and in multiple conditions. It is imperative to remember that proactive and accurate response to treacherous conditions is vital in protecting citizens and preventing tragic events from occurring. Make sure you are using the right ice melt products for the current temperature and conditions. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solutions to ice melting.

To stock up on ice melt products ahead of time or fill your needs if in a bind contact us at Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimted, LLC – We’re here 24/7, before, during and after the storm.