Salt Spreaders for Ice Melt

Salt Spreaders for Ice Melt - Peladow

Our Salt Spreaders have the detail to attention and mechanics to give you a perfect application of deicer every time.

  • Pneumatic tires mounted on a heavy duty stainless steel axle.
  • Heavy duty gear box guaranteed for the life of the spreader.
  • Single opening reduces blockage & helps create a consistent flow for spreading ice melt on sidewalks evenly.
  • Lock in proper application amounts with setting on back of hopper.
  • Screen prevents chunks from going through spreader.
  • Shield improves application accuracy and reduces waste and turf damage.
  • Removable rain guard protects ice melt from the weather.

Salt Spreaders For Perfect Deicer Applications

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Peladow Salt Spreader - Single Opening for even Ice Melt Application

Single opening for even ice melt application.