Peladow Calcium Chloride Ice Melt: Most Powerful Deicer

Freezing Thermometer - Winter

During extreme winter weather and bitter colds, the average ice melt loses the battle against blustery snow and ice. It’s important to understand that every storm demands a different solution to ice control. When it comes to commercial grade snow and ice melt, there is nothing as fast and hard-working as the calcium chloride pellets in Peladow Ice Melt. Used on the streets of Washington DC, Baltimore, New York, Boston, and Chicago where low temperatures and high snowfalls require heavy-duty deicer products, Peladow can bring the clean city streets to anyone’s front door.

What Makes Peladow the Best Deicer for Extreme Weather?

Compared to its ice melt competitors, Peladow has the advantage on nature through its unique and powerful calcium chloride formula.

Peladow pellets work in temperatures down to -25°F, making it effective in even the harshest weather.

With a formula that contains 90% calcium chloride, a naturally occurring compound, Peladow melts snow and ice up to 7X faster than other deicer products without being diluted down by slower ice melting compounds.

The Peladow’s round pellet is scientifically engineered for optimum performance of the calcium chloride within that attracts moisture and produces a heat-generating reaction to not only melt snow, but to prevent it from turning to ice.

Peladow for Snow Removal Companies

While Peladow pellets have been proven effective through scientific research and comparative performance tests, it has been professionally tried and tested in cities around North America by keeping everything from steps and sidewalks to driveways and parking lots clear of snow and ice. It was integral to snow removal teams in Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond, and Philadelphia during the record snow falls of 2009 and 2010. It is now seen as the standard in de-icing pellets in city snow removal warehouses throughout the United States.

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