Ice Removal Prep: Best Ice Melt Products for Extreme Weather

Ice Melt Salt on Sidewalk from Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC

The winter is approaching, and it is extremely important that your ice removal company is prepared for the busy season. There are several ice melt products available, but you are going to want to use the very best – and make sure you can get them when needed. Fortunately, our business knows a great deal about ice removal and we supply the best ice melt products for extreme weather to snow removal companies in Washington, Maryland, Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania. So let’s look at some options… 

One excellent ice melt option is Calcium Chloride pellets from Peladow. These pellets penetrate the ice three times faster than competing products, ensuring that your customers have an extremely fast snow melt and ice control. If you want the job down quickly, then you absolutely have to try this product!

If you are looking for an efficient ice removal product, then Calcium Chloride flakes from Downflake Extra. These flakes require less product, so your company will save money. They also finish the job quickly, so your customers will be satisfied.

Those who are operating an ice melt spreader, are likely looking for a product that will work well with your materials. Magnesium Pastilles are an excellent option. This product is extremely efficient and it will work in temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit. The product can blow off or spread from the original location, but when used properly this is a major advantage.

Are your customers looking for a long-lasting product that will work in the extreme cold like we have here on the East Coast? One of the best ice melt products for the extreme cold is Hot Melt. This product is designed to work at the lowest possible temperatures, and it lasts longer than any other product. Your customers will be extremely pleased with the results, and your snow and ice management company will become extremely successful.

With the winter approaching quickly, now is the time to start gathering the best ice melt products for the busy season. Find the right product for your area, and you are sure to see success. We recommend that you contact us today to ensure that you receive the perfect ice removal product for your customers.