Is Your Snow Removal Company Ready for Winter 2016?

Snow Covered Truck

We know that for a snow removal company, preparing for winter snow & ice is your number one priority right now. Snow has already fallen on the east coast, and it could happen anywhere. Anytime. So here are some tips to make sure your snow removal company is ready for snow and ice in winter 2016. 

Have a Snow Removal Operating Procedure

Make sure your snow removal company has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in place. This needs to encompass every step of your snow and ice removal process, from ordering supplies to product disbursement, from scheduling employees to providing overtime. Your business will determine what you need to include for your operation to run smoothly.

Order Snow Removal Product & Ice Melting Chemicals Now

Determine your budget and order your supplies now. Don’t wait for flakes to fly. Don’t wait for snow to show up in the forecast. Order now to avoid costly and potentially dangerous delays. Make sure you have the right product for each type of precipitation: snow, ice, sleet, ice on snow, snow on ice, etc… If you plan for another winter like last year’s, your snow removal company is heading in the right direction. Make sure you have a snow & ice chemical supplier you can trust to have products when you need them.

Check Your Service Areas for Potholes and Pitfalls

Look for new construction, new traffic patterns, new developments, new buildings. Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything or anyone. Refer back to your SOP and make changes if necessary. Do a dry run. Time your routes. Work backward and determine the man-hours you will need for each run. Include a cushion to allow for extenuating circumstances (rush-hour traffic, 24-hour or more continual snowfall). Again, refer back to your documented standard operating procedure and make changes if warranted.

Of course, even with the best of intentions, a snow removal company may not always be 100% prepared for everything Mother Nature throws our way. In that case, remember that we are here to help. Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC is open and fully supplied around the clock to serve you. Contact us anytime for details on our snow and ice removal chemicals and products, and travel safely this winter.