The 11 Top Ice Melt Products for Snow Removal Companies

snow & ice salt treatment

Weather predictions continue to flow in, and it seems that the 2015-2016 winter will be unpredictable. Based on El Niño predictions, some expect a mild winter, but traditionally storms bury the East Coast either way. So regardless of which predictions you believe, it’s advisable to be ready for anything. After all, isn’t that how you sell your snow removal services? Snow removal companies must be prepared for any amount of snow or ice – especially on the East Coast. So which ice melt products are best for snow removal companies? 

To be prepared and beat the mad rush, your snow removal company needs to acquire ice melt products before snow storms are predicted. There are several great ice melt products that we recommend you try this winter. Each works best in different conditions. Here is a short list:

1. Peladow Calcium Chloride Pellets

If your customers value efficiency in extreme cold, then Calcium Chloride Pellets are essential. These pellets will melt ice three times faster than other products. Peladow contains 90% calcium chloride, so you can melt ice faster and across a wider temperature range too. Calcium chloride pellets, like Peladow, are highly effective at cold temperatures down to -25F.  In fact, Peladow calcium chloride pellets are the only deicer that will continue to melt ice dams and hard pack in extremely cold environments.

2. Dowflake Extra Calcium Chloride Flakes

The flat profile of Dowflake allows them to sit on surfaces that are slopped or exposed to wind that would typically have “roll-off” when using a pellet style deicer. They also easily pass through ice melt spreaders and equipment freely providing an even and consistent coverage when applied.

Calcium chloride flakes, like DowFlaketm Xtra, are highly effective at cold temperatures down to -25F.

3. ComboTherm Calcium Chloride

ComboTherm is one of the cheapest options available, and it also works in extreme conditions. It contains the highest percentage of calcium chloride of any blend on the market (at least 70%), along with sodium chloride and potassium chloride. Because of that, it generates heat as it dissolves into a brine solution, helping it to start melting snow and ice faster than other deicers.

ComboTherm is a unique “processed blend” that combines its deicing chemicals into a single chip. A portion of the chips contain a green color additive that helps indicate the area of coverage and lets you see it work.

4. Magnesium Pellets

Magnesium Chloride is premier de-icer and premium ice melt product that provides outstanding performance while being safer for the environment, concrete and people that typical ice melt products. Magnesium chloride pellets are a spherical shape and work very well with ice melt spreaders. They do tend to roll like small BBs, which in some applications is an advantage and in others, a disadvantage.

5. Magnesium Pastilles

Magnesium chloride pastille pellets are like a pellet cut in half and flat on one side. These work very well with ice melt spreaders too. They do roll or blow off once scattered a bit like pellets, which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the application. The half-circle shape allows pastilles to penetrate icy surfaces in a highly concentrated manner, creating a brine underneath. This makes for easier mechanical clearing by helping to loosen the bond of ice to the surface that is being cleared.

6. Magnesium Flakes

Environmental impact is a major concern throughout the East Coast due to waterways and drainage. If your customers are near rivers, then you may want to choose a Magnesium Chloride product since it’s safer for the environment. The advantages of magnesium chloride flakes are that they provide a large flat surface area and don’t roll off surfaces when applied. They also easily pass through push chemical spreaders. In most cases, flakes are more cost effective than pellets.

7. Hot Melt De-icer

Hot Melt is a Sodium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride product that melts ice more quickly and at lower temperatures than other de-icers.

8. Safe ‘N Sure

If your business is in an especially cold area, then Safe ‘N Sure may be the perfect product for your customers. The product works in extremely cold temperatures, as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. In the northeastern part of the United States, this product can come in handy.

9. Bulk Salt

Bulk salt is the most cost-effective product available for controlling snow and ice.  It’s easy to use, store and apply, and its effectiveness at keeping parking lots and sidewalks clear makes it the cornerstone in most snow removal programs. It can be used alone or with an additive, depending upon weather conditions. The best bulk salts are extra dry with calcium chloride for fast ice melting action.

10. Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA)

Many ice removal products can cause damage to concrete. While your customers enjoy having access to their sidewalk and driveway during the winter, they will not appreciate having to repair their sidewalk during the Spring. Calcium Magnesium Acetate has minimal impact on concrete.

11. Sodium Acetate (NaAc)

Sodium Acetate works fast like calcium chloride, but without chloride-induced corrosion. It gives off heat as it dissolves, melting ice faster than common deicers and it works at lower temperatures – 0°F (-18°C). Something else that’s good to know about Sodium Acetate is that it’s FAA approved for use on airport runways.


Preparing for the winter storm season is stressful for an ice removal company. Purchase ice melt products today, so your company is ready for the east coast winter storm season. Contact us today to ensure that your business is ready for the winter.