5 Tips to Overcome Potential Rock Salt Shortage

Rock Salt Storage

If you are managing a snow and ice removal business, you are familiar with needing massive amounts of salt during the winter season. But as per the information we gather now, there will be a salt shortage happening in the future. This is not something new, as you may have experienced the same issue in the past few years as well. However, you cannot just let a salt shortage make your business underperform. That’s where you need to be aware of some useful tips on how to deal with a salt shortage during the upcoming winter months.

Will there be a rock salt shortage soon?

A salt shortage can take place due to many different reasons. Disruptions in the supply chain industry can contribute a lot to such a shortage. On the other hand, increasing fuel charges and the reduction of production can also contribute to a shortage of salt. As per the trends, we can see out there in the salt industry, there is a high possibility for a salt shortage to take place. This is why you will need to take appropriate measures to get ready so that you can keep your business operations running smoothly during the challenging time period of the year.

How to overcome a rock salt shortage

Here are some useful tips that you can follow to deal with a potential salt shortage. Just adhere to the tips and you will be able to keep your business going strong, regardless of the market conditions present out there.

1. Conserve the rock salt you have

One of the very first things that you will need to do to be ready for the salt shortage would be to conserve the salt that you already have. During the winter months, you will come across the need to use lots of salt. However, you will be able to strategically use the limited amount of salt that you have and minimize the usage. On the other hand, you may also think about wisely using salt in the form of a deicing agent.

A proven method available to minimize the usage of salt would be to mix it along with sand. Then you mix salt and sand, you will be able to experience excellent deicing capabilities. On the other hand, you will also be able to enhance the friction that salt would offer on the ground. Based on this, you can reduce the amount of salt that you are using.

If you realize that there is no need to pre-salt any of the outdoor surfaces, you may refrain from doing that. Likewise, you may consider shoveling or plowing more snow, instead of just relying on ice. It is a good idea to be practical and use your common sense based on the situation. That’s because there is no perfect strategy to conserve salt, and you will need to act accordingly based on the situation.

2. Develop a supply management plan

Among the different ways available for you to manage snow and salt, you may think about developing a salt supply management plan. For example, you may offer your services to the customers, without waiting until the winter weather creates a negative impact on their properties. You can play a proactive role by offering the best snow management plans to your customers in advance. In turn, this will help you with planning for your supplies.

For example, you may keep an eye on the weather forecasts and get to know about snowstorms ahead of time. Then you can offer help to your customers by applying brine solutions before the snowstorm. The brine solution would make it easy to remove snow after the snowstorm. In other words, plowing and pushing snow would be enough to get rid of both ice and snow. Such measures will help you with reducing the total amount of salt that you will have to use during the winter months.

3. Stick to rock salt alternatives

There are many ice melt blends on the market today. We encourage you to take a look at alternatives available out there to traditional rock salt and start using them if a rock salt shortage occurs. It is true that rock salt is an effective option available for snow and ice control. However, it is not the only solution available.

4. Get the help of another trusted snow contractor

Another effective method to deal with the shortage of rock salt would be to get in touch with another snow contractor. If you’ve been in this business for any period of time, it’s likely that you have peers who you can turn to for assistance in emergencies. You may be able to get your hands on a variety of new and efficient salt and ice management supplies through another contractor, especially if they have a surplus.

5. Find a trusted rock salt supplier

Ultimately if you want to be sure you don’t experience a rock salt shortage this winter, you need to find a reliable supplier. Snow & Ice Melt & Chemicals Unlimited keeps rock salt on hand for pick up or delivery 24/7/365 before, during and after the storm. You can pick up your own rock salt at our Maryland location in Ijamsville or we can deliver it by the truck load or pallet anywhere in the United States.

If you can follow these five tips, you will be able to deal with a salt shortage during the upcoming months. Since there is a high possibility for a salt shortage to happen, and since we have seen salt shortages happening continuously throughout past few months, contact our team to get a quote on the rock salt supply you need.