Bulk Ice Melt: The Most Affordable Ice Melt Solution

Snowy Parking Lot in need of ice melt

Do you have a large parking garage, airport, or roadway that gets used in the winter? You need to protect against dangerous ice build-up with an effective ice melt solution. A large space has a large surface area needing protection, which usually results in using a lot of product at a high cost. If you are looking to protect your road surfaces at an affordable price, bulk ice melt is the solution for you. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, and instead, check out the bulk ice melt options offered by SISCU.

Why Ice Melt is Essential

Ice melt is essential to keep roadways and other surfaces safe from dangerous ice build-up during winter storms. If your roads are not treated, you run the risk of endangering both pedestrians and vehicle travelers. Ice build-up causes slippery roads, uneven traction, and can lead to crashes, slips, and falls. There are many different types of ice melt, with some acting as a preventative measure before a storm, and others working after to quickly melt the ice. No matter what ice melt solution you choose, it is most important to keep everyone protected and take care of the ice.

What is Bulk Ice Melt?

If your town, government municipality, or commercial business has a large area that needs to be treated with to prevent ice, such as an open parking lot or extended areas of roadway, bulk ice melt is the solution for you. SISCU offers bulk ice melt to make sure you have an abundance of product to treat your road surfaces at an affordable rate. You don’t want to run out of product halfway through the winter and get hit with an unexpected storm empty-handed. Having ice melt products in bulk has kept countless road surfaces safe for many winter seasons. When buying in bulk, you get the same benefits as buying products individually, but at a cheaper price, making it the perfect winter solution to keep large surface areas protected.

Types of Bulk Ice Melt Solutions

Rock Salt

If you are looking for the most affordable bulk ice melt option, Rock Salt is the way to go. Rock Salt is the most common type of deicer utilized, due to its versatile and convenient nature. Rock Salt is made up of almost 100% Sodium Chloride and works by lowering the freezing point of water and preventing ice from building up. Rock Salt is typically white in color and can be used to melt large areas of ice. Rock Salt requires more applications compared to other products and becomes less effective in temperatures below 15°F. It should also be noted that Rock Salt can damage concrete and grass in surrounding areas, so it should mainly be utilized on large surfaces that are already damaged or frequently traveled such as parking lots or parking garages.

Magnesium and Calcium Chloride

Another type of bulk ice melt solution is chloride products such as Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride. Both of these chlorides are hygroscopic salts that use moisture from the air to lower the freezing point of water. Magnesium and Calcium Chloride products remain effective at preventing ice build-up for longer periods after application and require far fewer applications compared to rock salt. These products remain active in very cold temperatures, with Magnesium Chloride being effective up to -13°F and Calcium Chloride being effective up to -25°F. Chlorides are less corrosive and damaging to road surfaces beneath, and Magnesium Chloride is the most environmentally friendly option if you are looking to protect vegetation and the paws of animals.

Get Bulk Ice Melt from SISCU

If you have a large space that you are looking to protect from ice this winter, bulk ice melt will be the most effective and affordable de-icing solution for your job. SISCU offers a wide range of quality ice melt products, giving you a variety of options to combat ice in any storm. Check out SISCU today to speak with an expert and get a free quote on your next order today!

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