Do PELADOW™ Calcium Chloride Pellets Really Bring The Heat to Ice Melting?

Peladow Ice Melt Products

PELADOW™ Calcium Chloride Pellets promise to bring fast ice-melting action and high performance in extreme cold temperatures. Today we’ll take a look at this ice melt product specifically and review all the details of how, when, and why it works.

PELADOW™ stands out due to its exceptional attributes making it easily distinguishable from other ice melters in the market. With an impressive 90% calcium chloride composition, PELADOW™ outperforms competing materials by penetrating ice up to three times faster. Notably, it releases heat to accelerate the melting process, ensuring a swift and effective response to icy conditions. Peladow’s versatility is evident in its capacity to perform across a broader range of winter temperatures, including extreme cold, making it a reliable solution for various weather conditions. This high-performance ice melter is designed to enhance safety by efficiently clearing steps, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots, ensuring secure and navigable surfaces in winter weather.

How & Why Ice Melts with PELADOW™

Scientifically engineered for high performance, each Peladow™ pellet boasts distinct features that contribute to its exceptional effectiveness:

  1. Moisture Attraction: Peladow™ is designed to attract moisture, a key factor influencing the speed of its action. The ability to quickly dissolve upon contact with snow or ice facilitates the formation of a brine solution. This brine, in turn, lowers the freezing point of water, initiating a rapid melting process that efficiently clears surfaces.
  2. Heat-Generating Reaction: Peladow™ pellets incorporate a heat-generating reaction, further enhancing their performance. This reaction accelerates the melting action, ensuring a swift and efficient response to icy conditions. The heat generated contributes to the overall effectiveness of Peladow™ in rapidly eliminating snow and ice.
  3. Round Shape: The round shape of Peladow™ pellets is an additional feature designed for optimal performance. This shape facilitates even distribution on surfaces, maximizing contact with ice and snow. The uniform dispersion ensures that Peladow™ acts consistently across treated areas, providing comprehensive coverage for enhanced results.

Peladow™, with its moisture attraction, heat-generating reaction, and round shape, demonstrates a meticulous engineering approach to deliver high-performance ice melting. By attracting moisture, initiating a heat-generating reaction, and employing a well-designed pellet shape, Peladow™ sets a standard for efficient and reliable snow and ice removal.

Peladow™ excels in heat generation through the reaction that forms brine, setting it apart from other materials. Unlike alternatives that solely rely on drawing heat from their external environment, Peladow™ actively generates heat during the brine creation process. This unique characteristic makes Peladow™ remarkably more effective at colder temperatures. By turning on the heat, Peladow™ ensures exceptional performance across a broad range of temperatures, showcasing its superior capabilities in efficiently melting snow and ice in diverse winter conditions.

A melt-volume analysis conducted at 5°F (-15°C) highlights the superior effectiveness of PELADOW™ in melting snow and ice compared to other de-icing materials. Notably, while magnesium chloride experiences diminished effectiveness at 0°F (-18°C), PELADOW™ continues its efficient action even in extremely cold temperatures, working effectively down to -25°F (-32°C). This remarkable capability establishes PELADOW™ as the ice-melt product with the lowest effective temperature, ensuring consistent performance in challenging winter conditions.

Well-rounded in design, the circular shape of PELADOW™ significantly elevates its performance. Each pellet’s round structure allows a small portion to make direct contact with a specific area of ice, enabling it to focus its melting action. This targeted approach enables PELADOW™ to bore through ice up to three times faster than ice melters with flat or crystal-shaped structures. In contrast, products with flat or crystal shapes distribute their melting capacity over a larger surface area, resulting in slower penetration and less concentrated efficacy.

In real-world winter conditions, PELADOW™ has demonstrated its ability to penetrate ice more rapidly than alternative materials, minute by minute. As the foremost snow- and ice-melting solution, PELADOW™ delivers exceptional performance throughout the winter season. It comes with top-tier benefits, including a dependable supply, unwavering quality, prompt responsiveness, and unparalleled technical service and support.

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