Magnesium Chloride: Dirt Road Dust Control Solutions

Dust Control on Dirt Road

Magnesium Chloride is a naturally occurring mineral that has a number of diverse uses on roads, including as an ice melt solution and a dirt road dust control solution. Magnesium Chloride is a hygroscopic salt, meaning it is able to absorb moisture from the air to create a barrier on the road surface to protect against both dust and ice. Read more to learn about Magnesium Chloride and how it can eliminate dust on dirt roads.

What can Magnesium Chloride Products Be Used for On Dirt Roads?

Magnesium Chloride can be utilized in many different ways, with the most popular being as ice melt and dust control solutions. Magnesium Chloride helps prevent dangerous ice build up in the winter by lowering the freezing point of the water. As soon as it is applied, Magnesium Chloride gets to work acting as a barrier on the road surface to eliminate ice. There is very little residue left over from Magnesium Chloride ice melt products, and it is safe if it accidentally comes into contact with you during application.

The principles of Magnesium Chloride allow this product to provide very similar results in the summer to control dust production. The hygroscopic properties of this chloride salt allow it to absorb moisture from the air to keep road surfaces damp and form a protective barrier to trap dust particles from escaping into dust clouds.

The multiple uses of Magnesium Chloride make it a great product to have on hand to protect any road surfaces no matter the season!

How to Apply Magnesium Chloride on Roads for Dust Control

Magnesium Chloride products come in multiple forms, including a liquified solution. A sprayer vehicle is necessary to apply dust control liquid evenly over the desired roadway. One application can effectively neutralize dust for between 100-200 days. This is much more effective than having to repeatedly spray water on an unpaved or dirt road to prevent dust pollution, and requires less manpower, equipment, and will be less expensive in the long run.

Environmental Effects of Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride is said to be slightly more environmentally friendly compared to Calcium Chloride and other dust control products, as it is fast to dissolve with very little residue left over. Of course, these products can still be harmful to the environment and should be intentionally applied to avoid excess waste and runoff.

Other Types of Products to Eliminate Dust from Unpaved Roads

If you do not want to use Magnesium Chloride to prevent excessive dust production on unpaved or dirt roads, there are also Calcium Chloride and Brine solutions. Calcium Chloride acts similarly to Magnesium Chloride, as it is also a hygroscopic salt that takes moisture from the air to keep road surfaces damp and lock in dust particles. To read a full comparison of the two chloride products, click here. Another dust control solution comes in the form of Brine products. Brines come in many different compositions and concentrations, and their effectiveness is determined by the hygroscopic properties. The composition and concentration of the dissolved salts in the solution predict the hygroscopic abilities of the brine, and the more concentrated the brine, the less product is required resulting in a lower cost. Since there are so many variations of brine solutions, it is important that you are familiar with your job environment and understand the necessary concentration to neutralize dust.

How to Select the Right Product to Eliminate Dust: SISCU Premium Dust Control Solutions

While there are many dust control solutions, the most effective prove to be Magnesium and Calcium Chloride products. These products continue to be the most popular selected by government facilities, commercial businesses, and municipalities alike. If you are looking for premium grade dust control products, SISCU offers a wide range that will eliminate dust on any project. If you are looking to hire a professional service to take care of your dust control needs and make the best product choices for your job, click here to request a quote from Rasevic Companies.