Pet Safe Ice Melt Products at SISCU

Paw Print in Snow

Are you looking to keep your roadways safe this winter season while still protecting the health of nearby pets? It is important to be aware that not all ice melt products are safe for animals, and choosing the wrong product could result in potentially deadly consequences for your furry friends. Luckily, SISCU offers a wide range of ice melt products that effectively prevent dangerous ice build-up while still being pet safe and approved. Read more to learn about pet-safe ice melt products at SISCU.

Why are Ice Melt Products Used?

Ice melt products are essential to keeping roadways safe, as one application of a product can adhere to the pavement and block ice from forming or melt ice that has already built up. Icy road conditions can lead to both vehicle and pedestrian accidents, which can easily be prevented with ice melt products. There is a wide range of ice melt products available to treat roads, such as Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Rock Salt, Liquid Brine, and Calcium Magnesium Acetate, however, not all of these are safe for pets.

Ice Melt Effects on Pets

Pets are at risk of getting sick from ice melt products because they walk over pavements that have been treated with the product and then will lick their paws throughout the day and can ingest the residue. Additionally, some ice melts can also irritate their paws directly, which usually leads the dog to lick the area, even more, to try and make it feel better. If you are not intentional about the ice melt you apply, it is possible for dogs and other pets to be harmed by these products. The most common side effects pets experience from ingesting ice melts are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. This could further lead to dehydration, and elevated amounts of sodium in their system could also trigger a seizure. In order to avoid these negative effects, be sure to treat your roads, sidewalks, and outdoor stairs with the best pet-safe ice melt: Magnesium Chloride.

The Best Pet Safe Ice Melt: Magnesium Chloride

The most effective product that is still a pet-safe ice melt is Magnesium Chloride. Magnesium Chloride is similar to Calcium Chloride in that it is also a hygroscopic salt and can lower the freezing temperature of water to prevent and melt ice. Magnesium Chloride is slightly less concentrated than Calcium Chloride which makes this product a more environmentally friendly ice melt option. Magnesium Chloride is not toxic to surrounding plants and animals and will not irritate the paws of pets. Magnesium Chloride is the perfect pet-safe ice melt product that will protect the health of your pets while also protecting the safety of your roads. Magnesium Chloride is available in both flake and pellet form to fit all of your ice melt needs. Magnesium Chloride pellets are beneficial for larger pavement areas, as their round shape allows them to be mobile upon application. Magnesium Chloride flakes are ideal for smaller surface areas, as they are flat and adhere to the ground upon application to allow for more precision. Both Magnesium pellets and flakes are safe for pets. Even if you don’t have a pet, Magnesium Chloride is a great way to also maintain the safety of wild animals in your area.

Ice Melt Products that are not Pet Safe: Calcium Chloride

One of the most popular ice melt products is Calcium Chloride due to its strong chloride concentration deeming it “the most effective” based on the amount of product required by other ice melts to achieve the same effect. Calcium Chloride is a hygroscopic salt, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air and lowers the freezing temperature of water to prevent ice. Calcium Chloride ice melt comes in both pellet and flake form depending on your application needs. Peladow pellets have a round shape that causes them to move slightly upon application, meaning the pellets can be pushed into the correct placement but more product could be required. Calcium Chloride Dowflakes have a hard flat shape, making the product adhere to the road surface upon application for a more precise application. Calcium Chloride is a very effective product that is a great option for roads that do not receive animal traffic such as very busy highways. Calcium Chloride MUST be avoided when treating areas such as residential sidewalks or high animal traffic areas, as the product is typically toxic to animals.

Considerations for Pet Safety

While Magnesium Chloride is typically considered safer for pets, it’s important to also actively avoid allowing your pet to ingest any type of ice melt. Make sure to prevent them from eating snow or slushy salt that has just been treated with a product. Additionally, you can help protect your pet’s health by wiping their paws quickly when you return inside from a walk. This can be done with any extra cloth rag or a baby wipe. Wiping their paws will ensure that when your pet does lick their paws, they are clean and free from leftover ice melt. Many pets may experience minor skin irritation from walking across ice melt treatments, so they may welcome a quick wipe of their paws. As an added bonus, your home may be cleaner and free from outside mud and snow. If you have a pet with extra sensitive paws, consider having them wear dog booties to avoid contact with ice melt on the roads altogether. Ice melt products should not be stored anywhere within reach of your pet. They are best stored in a climate-controlled facility that does not have any contact with direct sunlight or humidity to maintain effectiveness.

Purchase Pet Safe Ice Melt from SISCU

Don’t sacrifice either your pets’ safety or the safety of your roads this winter season, and instead purchase Magnesium Chloride, the most effective pet-safe ice melt product from SISCU. Prevent dangerous ice build-up while walking your dog this winter with Magnesium Chloride from SISCU. Click here to purchase your pet safe ice melt today!