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The Snow Pusher we carry is affordable, durable, eco-friendly, and incredibly easy to use. It looks like it’s just a snow shovel with wheels, but there is more to it than that.  It works like your snow plow, making the snow quickly roll to the side.

Most of your crew will be able to move less than 2″ of snow at a fast walk essentially creating a windrow off to the side.  You can clear deeper snows with it, but you may have to go a bit slower with a deeper or very wet snow.  In most applications, the wheeled snow shovel is much faster than a traditional snow shovel.

This snow shovel with wheels allows the blade to quickly flip, making a two second change over pushing the snow from the left to the right and vice-versa.  It is also made in the USA, and backed with a full one-year warranty by the manufacturer. This snow pusher is engineered and manufactured with commercial applications in mind.

  • The design moves snow super fast! Just watch the video below.
  • Product engineering and material selection with commercial applications in mind.
  • Reduces fatigue, easy on your back – no lifting therefore less team injuries
  • Blade constructed of glass filled impact modified PP resin.
  • Bracket is molded from impact modified nylon.
  • Bi-directional Blade.
  • Angled 36″ Blade for “windrowing” snow.
  • Handle is constructed of galvanized steel with a durable powder coat finish.

Snow Pushers Get The Job Done Quicker

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See the Snowcaster 30SNC model we carry in action! It blows away traditional snow shovels for speed and ease of use.