Top Brine Sprayer Uses & Benefits

Brine sprayer

Using brine sprayers is a popular method of managing ice on roads during the winter months. Brine is nothing but a solution made out of saltwater. It is possible to apply this solution directly on roads. If you can apply brine on the road before a winter storm takes place, you will effectively be able to reduce the accumulation of ice and snow. However, brine sprayers are not just useful for ice management during winter. You may also think about using them for dust control during the summer months. Continue to read and let’s learn more about the applications of brine sprayers.

Using brine sprayers for ice management during winter

Ice and snow management is one of the biggest problems that property owners have to deal with during the winter months. On the other hand, the presence of ice and snow on the roads can become a major safety hazard for all individuals using the roads as well. Hence, it is important to use an appropriate solution to keep ice and snow under control to ensure safe driving conditions for everyone. This is where brine sprayers would come into play.

Traditional snow and ice control methods such as plowing, sand, and salt are not the most effective. They are not just expensive but can also cause significant damage to the environment. However, you will be able to save more money if you use a brine sprayer. It will not just help you with saving time but can also help you with saving money and the environment.

With the help of a brine sprayer, you will be able to spray the brine solution to roads. It is better to do this just before a snowstorm to get the best results. However, you will also be able to use a brine sprayer and apply brine after a snowstorm. Then you can melt ice and snow that is formed. This will help you to reduce the total amount of rock salt that you need. Moreover, you will be causing less environmental contamination. As a snow plowing company, you will be able to use a brine sprayer and minimize your carbon footprint effectively.

Using brine sprayers for dust control during hot summer months

Brine sprayers can be quite useful during the hot summer months as well. Along with the heat, you will also have to deal with problems caused by dust. This is where brine sprayers can help.

Dust control is not just important for roads. It is also important to ensure dust control in construction sites. By managing dust, it is possible to ensure the good health of people. However, traditional methods of dust control are not very effective. For example, the process of watering would require a lot of water and will take a lot of time. To overcome the inefficiencies associated with traditional methods, it is possible to switch to innovative solutions such as brine sprayers.

With the help of a brine sprayer, it is possible to spray saltwater on a construction site or dirt road. Then the salt water solution is capable of keeping dust away from becoming airborne. As a result, you will be able to reduce the total amount of dust that will be kicked up by construction equipment and traffic. On the other hand, using brine sprayers for dust control can also reduce the amount of water that you need for dust control by around 50%. Due to the same reason, using a brine sprayer can be considered as an environmentally friendly option available for dust control.

You will be able to minimize the environmental impact created by your dust control methods by using a brine sprayer as well. For example, continuous usage of water for controlling dust can lead you to sedimentation of nearby water bodies. It can also lead you to erosion. Since you are not using any water when using a brine sprayer, you can stay away from these issues. Moreover, you will be able to create a lower carbon footprint as well. You don’t even need to use multiple trucks to carry water. A single truck with a brine sprayer can help you with dealing with the dust problem.

Should you invest in brine sprayers?

As you can see, brine sprayers are capable of offering numerous benefits. While keeping these benefits in mind, you may think about investing your money to get a brine sprayer.

The brine sprayer you get will assist you with reducing overall material costs by a significant amount. That’s because brine solutions are among the most cost-effective ice-melting and dust control products available to consider as of now. You will be able to experience at least a 65% reduction of material costs.

Another great thing about getting hold of a brine sprayer is that it can assist you with reducing labor costs as well. The brine solution is not just fast to spray. You will be able to apply the brine solution before a snowstorm, which can help you with preventing ice and snow from bonding to the ground. As a result, you will be able to reduce the effort that you have to spend on plowing. This benefit can also be directly passed over to the customers who work with your business.

You can get improved results with the help of your brine sprayer. After a snowstorm, you can easily plush, and you will be leaving behind a layer of flush. This will help you to make the parking lots and roads safe. The same results can be experienced when you use the brine sprayer during the summer months for dust control.

While using a brine sprayer for ice control or dust control, you will be able to experience lesser downtime.  You don’t have to use large volumes of liquid. As a result, you will only have to deal with a lesser number of trips back for refilling. Since the brine sprayer can work at different temperatures, you can expect it to deliver effective results as well.

Types of Brine Sprayers

SISCU has multiple options for brine sprayers. The most compact option is a 100-gallon brine sprayer that can be installed in the back of RTVs. The next size up is a 300-gallon brine sprayer specifically designed to fit in the back of a pickup truck. Then we also have a 535-gallon mid-size sprayer with built-in baffles for added spray control and consistency. Our largest truck-mounted option is a 1,035 gallon sprayer! Then we also supply 6,000 gallon heavy duty tanks. Contact us today for details on pricing.