What is Calcium Chloride Ice Melt?

Calcium Chloride Products from snowicesalt.com

Calcium Chloride Ice Melt is a hygroscopic salt that absorbs moisture from the air to lower the freezing point of water. It is effective in temperatures up to -25°F, making it one of the most effective products for very cold climates. Compared to its competitors such as Magnesium Chloride, Rock Salt, Brine Solutions, and other Petroleum-based products, Calcium Chloride contains the highest chloride concentrations, making it more effective after just one application. Calcium Chloride Ice Melt comes in 3 formats; flake, pellet, and the budget-friendly combo blend. Each format contains slightly different properties, however the effects are mostly identical in that every product helps prevent dangerous ice build up and keeps your road surfaces safe for both people and vehicles. Read more to learn about the different types of products available to find out which is right for you. Don’t wait to purchase your premium ice melt products from SISCU!

Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Pellets

Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Pellets contain roughly 90% Calcium Chloride. This high chloride concentration allows this product to be three times more effective at melting and penetrating tough ice barriers, allowing you to have safe and traversable roadways even during heavy storms. Calcium Chloride pellets are ideal to apply to sidewalks, driveways, outdoor steps, and even parking lots to melt ice faster. These pellets work by absorbing moisture from the air and generating heat to lower the freezing point of water droplets. The leading brand of Calcium Chloride pellets, PELADOW™, can be found at SISCU here. Investing in the highest quality product will ensure the effectiveness and thus your safety this winter.

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Calcium Chloride Flakes

Calcium Chloride Flakes are another form of ice melt solution. The highest quality flakes, Dowflakes™, can be found at SISCU, and they contain between 83-87% calcium chloride concentration. Dowflakes™ outperform the competition, who only contain about 77% calcium chloride concentration. The higher concentration allows Dowflakes™ to melt ice faster and more efficiently. Calcium Chloride flakes can be utilized in temperatures up to -25°F, making them ideal for cold weather. Calcium Chloride flakes should be utilized in adverse weather conditions with high winds or heavy snowfall because their flat flake shape allow them to stick to the road surface even in extreme conditions. With Dowflakes™, you can ensure that your ice melt products are working even in the toughest weather conditions.

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Budget Friendly: Calcium Chloride ComboTherm™

ComboTherm™ products provide the best value without sacrificing top quality or effectiveness. This product contains 70% Calcium Chloride concentration and can still be used in temperatures up to -25°F, making it just as powerful in extreme cold. ComboTherm™ is unique in that when the product is applied to a road surface, it turns green when the chemicals are activated. This allows the applicator to visibly see the product on the road and avoid applying too much. Not only does this save you money by preventing waste, it is also beneficial to the environment, as excess chemical run-off is avoided. ComboTherm™ is an excellent decision if you are looking to get quality ice melt products on a smaller budget from SISCU.

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The Best Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Products: SISCU

If you are looking to keep your roadways, sidewalks, steps, parking lots, and driveways safe this winter, you need to invest in premium quality ice melt products from SISCU. These products have the highest rate of effectiveness, saving you time and money, all while preventing dangerous ice build up. Don’t forget to check out Rasevic Companies if you are looking for professional application to ensure you are well protected during even the worst of storms this winter.

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