What is the Best Ice Melt? Best Snow and Ice Melt in 2021

Best Ice Melt on Walkway

Are you looking to find the best ice melt product to keep your roadway surfaces safe this winter? SISCU offers premium ice melt products in a range of sizes, brands, and ice melt type, allowing you to select the product that meets your needs as the best ice melt product for all your jobs this winter.

When considering which ice melt product to purchase, you should make note of several factors, including the overall price, environmental impact, and temperature effectiveness of the product. Looking at these features will help you make the best decision to keep your roadways safe this winter.


If you are looking for the most inexpensive ice melt solution, the winner would be traditional rock salt. Rock salt is widely popular due to its lower price, however it is less effective than more premium deicers. Rock salt can also be corrosive to the environment it is applied to, so make sure you are only applying the amount you need and are mindful of the surface underneath. If you have pets or lots of vegetation near your road surface, you may want to consider a different option, as rock salt can be harmful to both plants, animals, and any nearby vehicles.

Best Ice Melt in the Most Affordable Category: Rock Salt Ron’s Premium Halite from SISCU

Purchase this product to quickly eliminate ice at an affordable cost. Rock Salt is most effective in temperatures above 15°F, and can be corrosive to the surrounding environment and road surface underneath the ice.

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Environmental Impact

Many ice melt products can be corrosive and damaging to the surrounding environment. Understanding the lasting effects of these products is especially important if your icy areas are surrounded by vegetation, or there are pets who live nearby. Some products can be harmful to animals’ paws, damage the road surface underneath, and hurt plant life. One way to combat these negative environmental effects is to purchase a more eco-friendly product. Magnesium Chloride has been shown to be the most environmentally friendly deicer, and have less negative impact on surrounding areas. With this being said, all ice melt products should only be applied as needed in designated areas. Using too much of any product can damage the environment and should be avoided.

Best Ice Melt in the Environmentally Friendly Category: Magnesium Chloride Flakes from SISCU

This hygroscopic product helps to melt ice by absorbing moisture from the air. Magnesium Chloride flakes do not move upon application, helping to minimize adverse environmental effects from application. The product is effective in temperatures up to -13°F.

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Cold Temperatures

If you live in an especially cold environment, you want to make sure your ice melt products are effective in your temperature range. Most products will work in any temperature, however some are more efficient than others, saving you time and money and making your road surfaces safer.

Best Ice Melt for Colder Temperatures: Peladow Calcium Chloride Pellets from SISCU

Peladow Calcium Chloride Pellets from SISCU are effective in temperatures as low as -25°F. This product contains 90% Calcium Chloride, allowing it to penetrate ice 3x faster than other deicing products. This allows Calcium Chloride products to require fewer applications and be more effective upon first activation.

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Store your SISCU Ice Melt Products Properly for Maximum Use

After you find the perfect product from SISCU to keep your roadways safe this winter, make sure you store your products correctly to ensure their effectiveness and longevity. Deicers should be stored in a temperature-controlled environment, and they should not be exposed to direct sunlight or humidity. Make sure opened products are properly sealed before storage in order to be able to use them again next winter. Prevent dangerous snow build up this winter by utilizing deicing products from SISCU Fill out the form below to get a quote on the best deicing product for your job!

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