What’s Special About DOWFLAKE™ Xtra?

icy roads need DOWFLAKE™ Calcium Chloride Flakes

Winter weather can transform paved surfaces into potential danger zones with snow and ice, threatening the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Enhance safety measures effectively by adopting DOWFLAKE™ Xtra, a superior 83-87% Calcium Chloride solution. With a remarkable 10% more calcium chloride compared to standard 77% assay flake products, DOWFLAKE™ Xtra boasts concentrated power, ensuring faster action while allowing for reduced application amounts. We supply snow contractors with a variety of ice melt products, but today we’ll focus on what makes DOWFLAKE™ Xtra special.

The greater the quantity of snow and ice requiring melting, the more you’ll value the heightened speed and performance benefits provided by outstanding ice melt products. Whether you are located in the snow belt like we are or in the icy cold areas of the Midwest, having the right ice melt product supply can make or break your customer satisfaction and employee efficiency in snow removal services.

So what makes DOWFLAKE™ Xtra special?

DOWFLAKE™ Xtra distinguishes itself from other ice-melt materials by offering a range of additional benefits that contribute to its superior performance in winter conditions:

  1. Heat Release Mechanism: The distinctive quality of DOWFLAKE™ Xtra lies in its innovative heat-release mechanism, setting it apart from conventional de-icing agents such as rock salt. Unlike rock salt, which depends on absorbing heat from its surroundings, DOWFLAKE™ Xtra takes a proactive approach by releasing heat to kickstart the ice-melting process. This unique attribute proves to be a significant advantage, particularly in colder temperatures where traditional de-icing agents may struggle to effectively address icy conditions.

    By actively releasing heat during the ice-melting process, DOWFLAKE™ Xtra ensures a more efficient and rapid response to freezing conditions. This proactive heat release not only accelerates the thawing of ice on surfaces but also enables the product to remain effective even in sub-zero temperatures. This ability to initiate the ice-melting process without relying on external heat absorption enhances the overall performance and reliability of DOWFLAKE™ Xtra, making it a preferred choice for winter maintenance in regions with severe cold climates.

    Furthermore, the heat-release mechanism contributes to the product’s versatility, allowing it to excel in a range of temperature conditions. This adaptability is particularly advantageous for addressing sudden drops in temperature or unexpected frost, providing a consistent and dependable solution for maintaining safe surfaces during winter weather. In essence, the heat-release feature of DOWFLAKE™ Xtra not only sets it apart from traditional de-icing agents but also positions it as an advanced and reliable option for effectively combating icy conditions, especially in colder environments.
  2. Enhanced Melting Efficiency: DOWFLAKE™ Xtra stands out for its exceptional melting efficiency, surpassing the capabilities of other de-icing agents like urea and potassium chloride. This heightened efficiency is especially noteworthy as it allows for the rapid and effective mitigation of icy conditions, even in the face of challenging and adverse weather conditions.

    In comparison to urea and potassium chloride, DOWFLAKE™ Xtra demonstrates an impressive ability to expedite the melting process. Its superior performance becomes evident as it swiftly acts on ice, reducing its presence on surfaces faster and more effectively. This characteristic is particularly valuable in situations where prompt action is essential to prevent hazardous conditions and ensure safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles.

    The advanced melting efficiency of DOWFLAKE™ Xtra is not limited to milder cold conditions but extends to lower temperatures. Even in sub-zero climates, where conventional de-icing agents may struggle, DOWFLAKE™ Xtra excels. This extended cold-weather effectiveness ensures a consistent and reliable performance, offering a proactive solution to icy surfaces regardless of the severity of the weather conditions.

    The efficiency of DOWFLAKE™ Xtra in melting ice at lower temperatures provides a versatile solution for various challenging environments. Whether faced with sudden temperature drops, freezing rain, or persistent frost, DOWFLAKE™ Xtra remains a dependable choice for winter maintenance. Its adaptability in adverse weather conditions makes it a valuable asset for municipalities, businesses, and property managers striving to uphold safety standards during winter.
  3. Cost-Effective Performance: When pitted against magnesium chloride hexahydrate, DOWFLAKE™ Xtra asserts its dominance by demonstrating a superior capability in melting ice at an accelerated pace. The notable distinction lies in the efficiency with which DOWFLAKE™ Xtra initiates the ice-melting process, outperforming magnesium chloride hexahydrate in terms of speed and efficacy.

    The enhanced performance of DOWFLAKE™ Xtra implies a significant advantage not just in terms of efficacy but also in cost-effectiveness. Achieving a comparable level of de-icing effectiveness with magnesium chloride hexahydrate would necessitate the application of a higher quantity. This increased requirement not only diminishes the cost-effectiveness of magnesium chloride hexahydrate but also incurs added expenses, rendering it a less economical option for winter maintenance.

    DOWFLAKE™ Xtra, in contrast, emerges as a cost-effective solution for proficient ice melting. Its ability to outshine magnesium chloride hexahydrate in speed and effectiveness means that a lower quantity is needed to achieve the desired results. This not only translates to savings in material costs but also ensures optimal resource utilization, making DOWFLAKE™ Xtra a prudent choice for those seeking both performance and cost efficiency in their de-icing endeavors.

    The cost-effective nature of DOWFLAKE™ Xtra underscores its role as a strategic investment in winter maintenance. Municipalities, businesses, and property managers can leverage the advantages of this high-performance de-icing agent to efficiently combat icy conditions while optimizing budgetary considerations. By choosing DOWFLAKE™ Xtra, decision-makers can strike a balance between performance excellence and fiscal responsibility, ensuring a prudent and effective approach to winter weather challenges.
  4. Purity & Standards: Furthermore, DOWFLAKE™ Xtra not only meets but exceeds the purity standards set by ASTM D98 and AASHTO M144 for calcium chloride. This ensures its reliability and effectiveness in de-icing applications. The product is conveniently available in various package sizes, as well as bulk truck and bulk railcar quantities, providing flexibility for different application scenarios. The combination of superior performance, efficiency, and adherence to industry standards makes DOWFLAKE™ Xtra a reliable choice for winter maintenance needs.

DOWFLAKE™ Xtra is a common go-to solution chosen by snow contractors for treating roads, parking lots, driveways, and walkways. Its high-performance properties outshine conventional rock salt and other ice-melt materials, making it the optimal choice to combat icy conditions. For maximum impact, use DOWFLAKE™ Xtra independently or combine it with rock salt and abrasives to amplify their effectiveness. Invest in safety and efficiency this winter with DOWFLAKE™ Xtra, ensuring superior results and peace of mind. Contact SnowIceSalt.com for further details, and guidance, and to secure your supply of DOWFLAKE™ Xtra today.