Where Can You Buy Rock Salt in Maryland and Washington D.C. for Snow and Ice Removal?

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We are glad you asked where you can buy rock salt in Maryland and Washington, D.C. because we are one of the largest suppliers of rock salt in this part of the country, and we can ship rock salt by the pallet load throughout the country too! It does not matter if you need a pallet of rock salt or if you need bulk rock salt by the truckload, you will find we are value-priced and never run out, regardless of how rough winter gets. We also proudly source our rock salt in the good old USA!

Rock Salt - Bulk Salt - Solar and Mined Rock Salt - Cargill from Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, LLC

You probably already know bulk rock salt is often the most cost-effective product for melting snow and ice on roadways, highways, parking lots, and bridges.  Rock salt is like the “old reliable” for winter road deicing because it’s cheap and it works. Our rock salt is treated with YPS (yellow prussiate of soda) to prevent caking and clumping.

One of the benefits of using bulk salt as a deicer it requires less spring cleanup than sand or other abrasives. You can also combine with some of our other products, like calcium chloride, to attack ice effectively in extremely cold weather. Bulk salt is easily spread in dry form or in a liquid brine solution.

At Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, we have both solar and mined bulk salt available for pick up 24/7 at three locations in Maryland. We have snow removal companies pick up rock salt as far away as Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and we ensure we remain well-stocked at all times.

We can make shipments to you anywhere in the United States by ordering 50 lb. bags by the pallet.

Rock Salt - Bulk Salt - Solar and Mined Rock Salt