How To Avoid A Rock Salt Shortage This Winter

Rock Salt Storage

Living in a cold climate like we have in Maryland and Washington DC means that we regularly require the use of rock salt for snow and ice removal. Rock salt is usually considered the cheapest and toughest ice melt on the market, so it’s popular and prone to shortages – or high pricing at peak times. Here are some tips for how to avoid a rock salt shortage or high demand pricing this winter. Read More

Snow Plow Extinguishes Car Fire & Funny Videos with Snow

car fire extinguished by snow plow

Spring has sprung. Time to put the ice melt and snow plows in storage for another season. No more heavy Mid-Atlantic snowfalls… But we’re still always on the lookout for interesting or funny videos with snow. Check out these gems, including watching a snow as it extinguishes a car fire… And as they say in the movies, no one was injured in the making of these videos. Read More

Warm Weather Coming to Baltimore-D.C. But Don’t Pack Up Snow Tools Yet!

sidewalk snow brush

We’re on the verge of finally getting much warmer temperatures next week in the Baltimore-D.C. area, but don’t put your snow removal tools away quite yet because despite what you might think, or hope, winter isn’t necessarily over. Sure, it may officially be spring now, but snow is not uncommon in April in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area, and you don’t even have to go that far back to find some examples. Read More

Complete Guide to Ice Melt Environmental Impact & Effectiveness

Concrete Road Damaged from Ice Melt, cracked

Ice Melt environmental impact is important when making choosing which deicer chemicals to use. It is not enough to solely balance cost and effectiveness. One must consider the corrosiveness to vehicles, damage to infrastructure, and the effect on the natural environment including vegetation, soil, animals, people, and water systems. Read More

Ice Melt Comparisons: Choosing the Right Deicer for the Job

various ice melt chemicals

When looking to control ice and snow buildup, taking time for detailed ice melt comparisons are important. It’s vital for snow removal professionals to understand the characteristics of different types of ice melt products. Choosing the right deicer makes a big difference for efficiently reducing the amount of snow and ice on sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, and roads – thereby keeping your clients happy and safe from injuries and lawsuits. Rock salt is common, well-known, economical, and effective. However, choosing the right deicer for the job takes more detailed consideration. Read More

If You Read One Article About Rock Salt Read this One

Rock Salt from Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited, Maryland

In winter, rock salt is one of the most common, popular and well-known substances for melting ice and snow. Municipalities, commercial snow removal companies, and residential homeowners across America use this ice melt to manage snow. A relatively small amount, through a process called freezing-point depression, can weaken ice and makes it easily removable. Moreover, a blend of sand and rock salt, spread on roads during and after a snowstorm, assists vehicle traction. Read More

The Human Snow Plow & Funny Snow Removal Videos

Calvin Johnson Human Snow Plow

In the past, we’ve showcased some pretty funny snow plow videos and this is no exception. As winter is starting to wind down a bit, we were in the mood for a good laugh and came up with a few more you should check out. Take a quick break from your day and enjoy these funny snow removal videos… Read More

6 Tips for Finding The Best Ice Melt Distributor for Snow Removal

Tips text

If you are in the business of ice and snow removal, it is important to have a ice melt distributor that can provide you with the best products and service. Here are 6 tips for what to look for to hire the best ice melt distributor or deicer supplier in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania or anywhere…Read More